First Date Tips: It’s going to be unforgettable!

First date? YES, that will be SUPER! In any case, YOU cannot go wrong with our tips, ideas, and inspirations…Readout finds First Date Tips.

The first dates are simply the best!  Curiosity, excitement, anticipation, butterflies in the stomach and the hope that maybe it is the right one – and we remember together for the rest of our lives on this first date! Okay: Anyone who has been looking for a partner for a long time and has already experienced many first date flops may find that a bit different…

But maybe we can also arouse new enthusiasm with our tips and inspirations at first-date-muffles. Because so much is clear: Who the date with a positive attitude, has nothing to regret afterward – not even if it remains (with this man) on the first date!

First Date Tips: Preparation

Do not worry, if you do not feel like it, you do not need to prepare for your first date! After all, it’s about getting to know each other and it’s best to “just” act as you are, how you feel, how you want to introduce yourself and how you think it is right. But if you’re insecure, nervous, and want to do anything to make the meeting a little more relaxed and reassured, here are our tried-and-true favorite tips!

Tips against excitement

If you are just so nervous for a short (or longer) time that you can get wet hands, cannot focus on anything, or even have sleep problems, the best way to distract you and relieve tension is to help. Five suggestions on how to do this:

  • Turn on good-mood music and dance around the flat
  • Sports (e.g. jogging, yoga, cycling, bouldering)
  • Free chat with your best friend (or mom, sister, brother, buddy)
  • Cleaning or cleaning
  • Be creative: for example, manual work, painting, making music, writing, gambling…

Whatever you can do to make you feel better prepared, prepare a few Smalltalk to strangers and anecdotes that you can just reel in, when the sudden awakening silence comes on the date, or when all you hear is emptiness, fog, and panic find your head. (By the way, not only for the first date but also for every party, lunch with colleagues and similar situations a good tip!)

The perfect outfit

If you choose your outfit for your meeting, there are two main questions to consider: In which outfit do you feel especially comfortable? In which outfit do you feel particularly beautiful? What your date partner would like, you know – especially on the first date – anyway not.

Therefore, it makes no sense at all to break your head about how much skin he would be too revealing, from how many centimeters he would find the heels too high and if he considers you prudish in the turtle neck top. But when you feel nice and well, you radiate that too – and make the best possible impression on the other person. Promise: Naturalness and being authentic are always well received!

First Date: What to do?

For the place and things to do on the first date, there are actually only two really serious rules:

1. Meet best on neutral terrain

Immediately inviting someone into their own home increases the stress and could send false signals (“So much intimacy at the first meeting, which surely wants more!”). It’s also harder to end the date if you have to throw him out of your apartment (or he’ll kick you out of his …).

2. Do something that you really feel like doing

If he suggests you visit an exhibition, but you cannot do anything with art, then make a counter-proposal to your liking. Being open to something new is good, but it can spark your enthusiasm for art on the second or third date. On the first date, you should feel good, have fun and be happy afterward about the experience – even if your companion was not the blast.

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7 solid ideas for beautiful first dates

1. Coffee:

Maybe sounds lame and uninspired, but it’s not for nothing a classic for first dates. With a delicious cappuccino, you can talk and get to know each other super – and if it goes well, loosely order a second and a third, a piece of cake, water…

2. Drinks:

Bar atmosphere, cool drinks (with or without alcohol, as long as you do not shoot!) – The ice just breaks very easily. Again, not imaginative, but proven!

3. Eating out:

Yes, yes, again a classic. But what delicious food makes always good mood and relaxed. And in the worst case, you just go home satisfied and satisfied.

4. Cooking:

A cooking date is a great way to get closer and get to know each other! Just find a cooking school that offers suitable one-time cooking classes, agree on a culinary direction – and then have fun and good appetite!

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5. Picnic:

A nice spot out in nature (or a park or something …), a few goodies – because the counterpart almost does not matter…

6. Climbing Park:

You are athletic, adventurous and free from giddiness? Then go climbing together or in a high ropes course! Master challenges together welds together directly – and a shared adrenaline kick increases the chance to fall in love (so if you want to play it safe: bungee jumping!).

7. First Date:

topics to talk about

Some say that you should not fall on the first date with the door into the house and never talk about future plans, children and wedding wishes. Even former friends and former relationships are often cited as taboo topics. But honestly: In truth, there are no taboo topics, at least they should not exist. Sure, the first date is usually other things interesting, for example

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Outlook on life
  • Family background
  • Job

Which countries already travel like these favorite countries’ favorite Movies?

But if the conversation brings you to the ex or the personal dream wedding – why then please make a U-turn on cramp? Because it says some unwritten dating rule? In the worst case, you find out sooner rather than later that you have too many different ideas to reach a common future. A free chat room is a big platform where you find a future partner after joining and talk to strangers.

Just pay attention to your body language, listen to it, instead of thinking about your next five questions in the back of your mind, and trust your feeling and your human understanding. In other situations, you can also talk spontaneously and fluently! The more you try to avoid or target, the more unnatural the conversation

Becomes. Any questions? Maybe this way: why do you fall in love? No problem, the answer can be found in our article. And what qualities make you a real dream woman, you will learn here.

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