Good Relationship with Your Partner

Are you Married recently? You confused to understand your partner. Survey says  That 1st year of the marriage most critical, many couples failed to understand the partner lead to divorce in the  1st year of the marriage.

According to the statistics(1) in the 1980’s to 1990’s the divorce rate high peaks and declined steadily. According to the US, CDC, the age of divorce age fall down to 35-year in 2015 and it will continue.

Simple tips to build a good relationship with Partner.

1. Avoid Complaint on each other

In any relationship whether it is professional or friendship complaint with each other leads to break the relationship. To maintain a healthy relation avoid complains.

It will help to make a good and long relationship with each other.

2.   Avoid competing with Each Other

In relation, both partners should not compete with each in any situation. Everybody has his/her own personality. Avoid competition and travel together in ups and down situations.

3. Be ready to say “ I’m Sorry”

Nobody ready to say “sorry” when his/her really done a mistake. Try to say so sorry to your partner and see the result. A sorry can make a person cool and peace.

4. Appreciate Each Other

Take time to appreciate each other and spend time to know to realize the personality of each other.

If you have a partner have talent like cooking, music, dance and more let appreciate him/her.(2)

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5. Go to Bed together.

Healthy relation happens when you share your feeling with each other. Go to bed at the same time and share your activities and feel. Have good sex and relax to make a strong relationship

6. Walk a mile with each other

Hold the hand and walk a mile to build trust on each other. Every couple when they walk side-by-side and hand-in-hand show the couple happy.

7. Hug Each Other

The good touch helps to understand each other and transfer your feelings. A hug makes to share the love and make a healthy relationship. Don’t neglect each other hug each other to show how much you love him/her(3)

8. Say “I Love You”

Nobody knows your feeling until you say. Say “I Love You” to your partner often. I will show how much you care about your partner. “ It not about 3 words it’s all about Love”

The relationship between husband and wife be strong by following the above tips to maintain a healthy relationship. Happy couple shows a happy family.

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