10 Things You Need to Constantly Work on When You’re in a Relationship

Being in a relationship is never easy. It’s a two-way partnership. Relationships take a lot of hard work and a lot of effort to become successful and stay successful. Whether you are a long-lasting married couple or newlyweds, or you’ve been dating for a while, or you’ve just met, the effort to keep the relationship healthy and going is the same.

It doesn’t matter if you meet at a bar or meet on one of the top dating sites for marriage, you have to work hard to keep the relationship intact and thriving. To do that, there are things you have to consider when you’re in a relationship. These are the things that will most likely affect your relationship with your better half.

If you can excel or do well in these areas, then great, the chances are that your relationship will stay healthy and prosperous. If you can’t take care of these things, then chances are you will struggle to keep you and your partner’s relationship afloat. So here are the ten things you need to work on when you’re in a relationship continually.

Things to Do When Your are  in a Relationship

 #10- Your Relationship With Their Family

How you stand with your partner’s family is a big deal. Needless to say that your partner will cherish the fact that you have a good relationship with their mother and fathers and siblings if they have any! Why would they love it? Because it means that all of you fit together well as a unit. If there are constant friction and tension between you and the family, that will negatively reflect the relationship, bringing on more unwanted stress and problems.

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#9- Your Relationship With Their Friends

Much of the same point made in the family issue above stands true with this point about friends. Yes, you can indeed cut off friends, but you can’t cut off family, but you don’t a situation like that to even occur.

Instead, you would prefer to have a good relationship with your partner’s friends, and if possible, a friendship even! Couples that regularly go out with each other’s friends have shown to have a better relationship status and less relationship drama.

 #8- A Healthy Balance

Being in a healthy relationship doesn’t mean investing 100% and full time to your partner and the relationship. Instead, it means finding a healthy balance between your relationship and your personal life.

Your friends, job, work, social life, and all the things you did before you were in a relationship still matter. And you should focus on them, and on you, just as much. By doing so, you are indirectly working on your relationship by giving yourself and your partner much-needed space.

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 #7- Keeping it Spontaneous

A big Achilles heel for a relationship is their tendency to die down and lose the once burning hot flam they possess. Your responsibility in a relationship is to help keep that flame lit and burning. Keep things exciting and spontaneous. Don’t just settle for the norm or the casual. Spice things up when you can and remind your partner why they fell in love with you in the first place.

 #6- Go Out With Other Couples

One downer in being in relationships is you tend to isolate from the world and don’t get that many chances to meet other people. But once you do, you need to make use of the opportunity. Go out with other couples and get to know them. Making new friends is also a good and exciting way to spice things up in the relationship.

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 #5- Keeping Each Other Fit And Healthy

Another caveat about being in a relationship is that the couple tends to let go of themselves. This happens because you and your partner get comfortable being with one another, and so the idea of looking attractive to other people becomes less appealing or enticing.

However, this may be controversial because, with time, you become to resent the relationship for making you let go of yourself. This is why you and your partner must work on keeping each other fit and healthy. After all, the couple that works out together stays together.

 #4- Keep the Sex Going

Ah yes, the hard uphill battle of keeping the sex attractive and re-occurring. It’s one of the major struggles in relationships. But it’s easily fixable. One reason why sex becomes dull in relationships is that it becomes routine—almost scheduled even.

Try to keep the sex spontaneous. Opt for wild sex in the parking lot or the restaurant bathroom. Bring the excitement back into your sex life, and by doing so, you’ll be jolting the excitement back into your relationship as well.

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 #3- Work On Your Communications

How you and your partner talk to each other is very important. Break down in communications leads to arguments, fights, frustrations(1), and ultimately the relationship breaking up. By working on your communication, you will work towards a successful and healthy relationship where messages and opinions are received loud and clear.

 #2- Squash Problem Early

Regardless of how much you try to avoid it, problems are inevitable in any relationship. You can’t avoid them. But what you can do is squash or solve your concerns early, rather than letting them linger. By letting them grow, you’re allowing for more problems to arise. Instead, put your differences aside, and work on finding a solution, and move past your issues.

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 #1-Always Show That You Love Them

A reminder to your love partner is a great way to show them that you still care, that you always appreciate them and your relationship. It doesn’t take anything to tell your partner that you love them. Telling them and reminding them is like water a plant. And by doing so every day, you are continually working on growing your relationship and making sure it stays healthy.

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