How to Get a Celebrity Smile: An Ultimate Guide 

Someone’s smile often serves as their first impression. It is viewed as one of the most attractive aspects of a person. The Hollywood smile has become more and more coveted in recent years as many celebrities undergo smile make-overs themselves to achieve the look. However, dazzling teeth are no longer limited to the upper echelons of society. As dental services become more accessible for ordinary people, a celebrity smile is possible for anyone. But what exactly do celebrities do to get their smiles to be so dazzling?

Read on to find out the most common dental procedures and practices used by celebrities to get their smiles perfect.

Why are Smiles Important?

A person’s smile can have an impact on their self-esteem. Most people who don’t like to smile or only smile with a closed mouth do so because they are embarrassed. But despite its appearance, a smile can be incredibly beneficial. Smiling can boost the immune system and boost your mood. It releases endorphins and spreads joy to others. Smiling also has social implications as people who smile are viewed as more attractive and personable and are more likely to get promoted on their jobs and attract romantic partners. So smiling as an act is deeply important.

What is a Celebrity Smile?

A celebrity smile is lauded as the perfect smile there is. They are held as the goal for many people. A celebrity smile is often dazzling white, the teeth are all straight, the teeth sizing is perfect, and there is just enough gum – not too much, not too little. These smiles have been unattainable for ordinary people for many years as they required money to achieve.

However, as dental techniques advance, these services are no longer for the elite. The technology is no longer inaccessible, and so many dental surgeries can offer more services than ever before. Some procedures may still be pricey because of the time or materials required to do it correctly, but oral hygiene is essential so that it could be worth the investment.

How to Get a Celebrity Smile

Think About What You Consume

What you put into your body affects your teeth. Watch your diet and try to avoid drinking too many carbonated drinks because the sugar levels in them can be terrible for your teeth. The acidity in sugars can erode the enamel on your teeth and cause cavities. If you can’t do without your sugary drinks, try to drink through straws to minimize contact with your teeth. Coffee and red wine can stain your teeth and, in some cases, can even be resistant to teeth whitening efforts.

Green vegetables and protein can be highly beneficial to your teeth. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also lead to teeth damage. Alcohol turns into sugar which, as mentioned, erodes enamel. In terms of smoking, the tar and nicotine in cigarettes can lead to tooth decay and discolouration.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Advancements in dentistry have meant that cosmetic procedures have become more and more common simply for aesthetic reasons. However, some celebrities are notoriously cagey about how cosmetic dentistry has benefitted their looks and their careers. Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term that covers multiple procedures:

  • The rise of the clear plastic aligner has allowed people to have their crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth fixed more subtly. The aligners are discreet, and some people even refer to them as Hollywood’s best-kept secret. This is a good option for those who suffer from a mild to moderate misalignment. The aligners are removable but should be worn near constantly to make them the most effective. There are options to suit most budgets, and aligners are becoming increasingly accessible.
  • If a tooth or multiple teeth are too severely damaged or missing, a dental crown or bridge should be placed to give more structure and stability to the smile. Bridges are the least invasive solution to missing teeth. They are necessary as if the missing teeth can affect the remaining ones as they begin to move into the spaces left.
  • These are thin porcelain pieces that are bonded to the natural teeth. If done well, they effortlessly fit into the smile without adding unnecessary bulk or changing the smile’s shape. Veneers are popular because they appear natural, but they can completely transform the size, shape, and colour of a smile. In fact, veneers are often the culprits when celebrities suddenly step out with new dazzling smiles.
  • Dental bonding is an alternative to veneers; it is quicker, simpler, and more affordable. It can usually be achieved in a single appointment. It is less commitment and mainly consists of applying a dental composite to any exposed roots or gaps between teeth. It is a quick fix for those who want to cover any minor flaws or imperfections.

If cosmetic dentistry is the right choice to help you achieve that celebrity smile, it is crucial to pick the right dentists. Pure Dentistry is a dental practice made up of highly experienced dentists who utilize the latest technology to give you the smile of your dreams.

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Teeth Whitening

Perhaps the biggest step to getting a celebrity smile is teeth whitening. Over time, the teeth naturally yellow and stain due to the foods and beverages you consume, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. For those who are already happy with the look of their teeth and want to brighten their smiles, it is a perfect choice.

There are many options when whitening teeth, from over-the-counter products to a professional service provided by a qualified dentist. Home kits are less effective and require more treatments, but they are also cheaper. However, getting your teeth whitened professionally provides instantaneous results. Teeth whitening is a must when going for that celebrity smile.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Some people use their teeth as a tool, and that can lead to dental accidents. For example, some people use their teeth to open bottles or rip into plastic bags. This puts too much strain on the teeth and can lead to chips and cracks in extreme cases. Other bad habits can also harm your teeth, such as grinding your teeth or chewing ice.

Have you thought about what you use to brush your teeth? Upgrading your brushing habits can help to give you a celebrity smile. Electronic toothbrushes are more effective, and they keep your teeth a lot cleaner than average bristle toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are also more effective in cleaning the harder-to-reach places and reducing the risks of gum disease. Celebrities do not get gingivitis. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups to help promote the health of your smile. A dentist can help you achieve not only your celebrity smile but also maintain it.

In Conclusion

Most celebrities are not born with perfect smiles. Their smiles are achieved through the excellence of their dentists. Celebrity smiles are accessible to everyone with the right money and the right dentist. There are options to suit every budget, whether using a cheaper aligner company or at-home whitening products. However, for the best results that will last, you should visit a dentist. Can you put a price on self-confidence?

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