Diabetes mellitus can damage nerves. The technical term for this is diabetic neuropathy. Here you will find out how to recognize nerve damage and what you can do yourself for effective diabetic neuropathy treatment.

The symptoms usually begin on both sides of the feet. For example tingling or a numb feeling, poor perception of cold and warmth, or a wound does not hurt. The nerves that control the organs can also be affected. Then, among other things, dizziness, gastrointestinal complaints, or bladder problems can occur.

Nerve Damage in Diabetes

Damage to the nerves means that stimuli are no longer transmitted correctly: their function is disturbed.

It has not yet been clarified why diabetes can cause nerve damage. There are certainly several factors that work together. For example, high blood sugar levels can block small blood vessels that supply nerves. Regular alcohol consumption or other illnesses can exacerbate the dysfunction.

There are different forms of nerve damage in diabetes, which manifest themselves differently. The peripheral nerves are most commonly affected. Around 30 out of 100 people with diabetes(1) have this disorder. As a rule, this disease develops gradually and only causes discomfort after a few years. However, some sick people feel nothing.

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Signs and Complaints

The symptoms usually begin on both sides of the feet and spread to the lower legs. They are less noticeable on the hands and arms. Signs are for example:

  • Tingling or furry feeling on the feet
  • Parasitic sensations in the feet, for example, feeling cold feet even though they are warm
  • excruciating or burning pains in the limbs, which often increase at rest or night
  • poor perception of cold and warmth
  • disturbed pain perception, wounds often do not hurt, go unnoticed and heal more slowly
  • Muscle weakness in the legs, unsteady walking

Treating Neuropathy Naturally

Nerve damage in diabetes is incurable. However, if they are discovered and treated in good time, symptoms can be alleviated and their progression delayed. A healthy lifestyle, good diabetes control, and foot care play an essential role in this.

If damaged nerves cause pain, medication can help. Which remedy is suitable for you depends, among other things, on the severity of your pain and possibly other illnesses. In addition to medication, natural neuropathic support booster from Nervexol can support pain management. This natural remedy works amazingly in diabetic neuropathy treatment.

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Natural Neuropathic Support Booster – Its Benefits

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