4 Ways To Overcome Dry Eye Issues

Dry eyes have a range of symptoms, all of which are uncomfortable to live with daily. But with modern technology and medical advances, there’s no need to resort to ineffective home remedies or suffering in silence. Depending on the cause of the symptoms, there’s something to overcome the issues associated with dry eyes.

Tips for Dry Eye Issues

Prescription Medication

There are many causes of dry eyes, and if your doctor believes it may be caused by infection and inflammation, they’ll prescribe medication. A simple course of antibiotics could simultaneously clear an infection while promoting oil production in the glands around the eye. This dual-purpose benefit the patient with immediate relief of symptoms while removing the underlying cause for long-term relief. Some antibiotic eye drops contain an anti-inflammatory ingredient, suitable for patients with other underlying conditions, such as rheumatic arthritis.

Contact Lenses

Previously chronic dry eye has made wearing contact lenses uncomfortable for many people. Now with developments in lens technology, the best options for people with dry eyes are comfortable for regular wear. Silicone hydrogel lenses are hydrophilic, meaning they are excellent at staying moist, an essential property for wearers with dry eyes. They’re also oxygen-permeable, meaning the corneas get the maximum oxygen possible, lessening the discomfort associated with dry eye conditions.


Perimenopausal women can especially suffer from dry eyes along with a host of other symptoms due to hormonal fluctuations. Over-the-counter drops can help reduce hormone-related dry eyes, but there are different ways to support the eyes in this time of change. A diet with a healthy balance of omegas-6 and 3 will encourage tear production and reduce inflammation. Most western diets are high in omega-6, so cutting back on this and increasing omega-3 content is beneficial.

Vitamin A will also stimulate tear production, making it another vital nutrient for getting the correct amount of daily. Fruit and vegetables with yellow, red, and orange coloring are ideal sources of vitamin A, as the body converts carotenoids into the nutrient. It’s the carotenoids that give the food its coloring, making it easy to identify which ones contain them. Colorful fruit and vegetables are vital to overall health for everyone and can help prevent eye issues later on.

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Go Preservative Free

Some people have an allergy to preservatives found in make-up, eye drops, air fresheners, and more. Regular usage of products containing these preservative ingredients will irritate the parts of the body exposed to them. Opting for preservative-free eye drops and make-up if such ingredients cause dry eyes will naturally reduce inflammation in the eyes. Less eye itchiness will mean the eyes are rubbed less, so there’s less inflammation and less itchiness, breaking the cycle that causes the dryness and potential damage.

There are several reasons people suffer from dry eyes, but there are equally as many ways to treat and manage the symptoms caused by dry eyes. So many treatments mean no one must suffer from chronic dry eyes. A visit to the doctor or optician will help you determine the underlying cause and implement a suitable treatment plan.

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