Benefits of Sugaring: Best Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal is a form of hair removal that is slowly starting to gain popularity. You may have noticed a salon recently popping up in your area and you have likely started to hear about it more and more. Read to know more benefits of sugaring.

As people continue to move towards all-natural products, sugaring(1) is becoming the go-to method for more and more people. The sugaring paste is made out of lemon, sugar, and water, making it a great option compared to most other hair removal methods.

Most companies that supply body sugaring products use all-natural ingredients for the entire line. However, its simple list of all-natural ingredients isn’t the only benefit of this up and coming trend.

Benefits of Sugaring

1. Technique Leading to Longer Lasting Results

Though waxing and sugaring are similar, there is one difference that leads to long-lasting results when it comes to sugaring. The sugarist will mold the ball of sugar onto your skin in the opposite direction of growth, and then will remove it in the direction of growth.

This is the opposite of waxing. Removing the hair in the opposite direction of growth places less pressure on the hair, decreasing breakage and leading to a higher likelihood of the hair being removed by the root. This causes more hairs to be completely removed and leads to longer-lasting results.

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2. Sugar is Applied At Room Temperature

Unlike wax, that needs to be heated, sugar is applied at, or only slightly above room temperature. If sugar was to be heated too high, it would turn into a liquid and the sugarist wouldn’t even be able to use it! This benefits you in two ways.

Firstly, you will never be burned when getting sugared. Sugar hot enough to burn you is too hot to even be removed from the pot with a glove. (no sticks or spatulas are used) Secondly, the lack of heat leads to less redness and less swelling, a huge benefit if you have to be seen directly after your appointment!

3. Sugaring Is Sanitary

So, hopefully, your wax technician doesn’t do this, but there is always the risk that the salon you go to doesn’t see it as a big deal to use the same stick multiple times when waxing. Thankfully, sugaring completely alleviates this risk.

Sugaring paste is removed from the pot with a clean glove. This ball of paste will be disposed of with the glove, and a new glove is used each time to grab another ball of sugar. There is really no chance of cross-contamination whatsoever!

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4. Sugar is Easy to Remove

Ever left from a waxing appointment and literally found yourself sticking to your clothes? We have all been there! Thankfully this won’t with sugar! Typically the sugar won’t be left on your skin. Even if it is, it is water-soluble, so it is incredibly easy to get off. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth does the trick!

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5. Less Hair Growth

Each time you get sugared your hair bulb gets removed and your hair follicle collapses. The follicle(2) then needs to be reconstructed and your hair needs to be strong enough to break the surface of your skin. Every time your hair is removed it gets weaker and eventually, the follicle stops producing new hair at all.  The longer you’ve been getting sugared for, the less hair growth you will see!

Interested in giving sugaring a try? A quick search will likely turn up a few sugaring salons in your area. If not, just wait! New ones are popping up every day. Happy sugaring!

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