3 Tips for Finding your Signature Scent

When purchasing a new scent, many people rush into buying something based on advertising, price promotions, or purchasing the first smell they like. Finding the perfect scent, however, should take a little more thought.

Our sense of smell is essential, and smells can bring us back to specific times and events with just one sniff, stirring a whole range of memories and feelings. For this reason, it is essential to think about what message we are sending with the scent we wear as we, and those around us, will subconsciously link that smell back to us.

Tips to Find Your Signature Scent

Know the Different Scent Groups

People often purchase scents based on a quick spritz in the shop, only to be disappointed when they realize that it doesn’t still smell that way later. This is because perfumes have different notes, all of which are released at various points.

  • The first scent is the top notes: the clean, fruity, citrusy smells you get when you first spray your perfume – these fade quickly. This is because they have the smallest molecules, and therefore, evaporate the fastest.
  • The heart notes come through around 20-60 minutes later and consist of floral, spicy, or herbal smells.
  • Finally, the base notes come through, earthy, woody smells, which are essential. After coming through around 30 minutes after application, they linger for several hours, thanks to being the largest molecules and evaporating more slowly.

For this reason, you should test a scent out for several hours before committing, as even if you like the initial scent, you may find that the base notes are not to your taste.

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What do you Like?

Spend some time finding out which scent groups appeal to you most. You may not realize it, but chances are you already like a specific fragrance family, be it oriental, woody, floral, or fresh. Knowing which type of scent you are drawn to will help you to narrow down your signature scent. You could also consider what you are trying to achieve with your scent. Are you going for fresh and uplifting, sexy, mysterious, or delicate? Different fragrance groups are associated with different feelings, so bear this in mind too.

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Go Shopping

Whether or not you already have an idea of the fragrance types you like, you should go into a store, preferably one with a dedicated counter for fragrances, to try out different scents in person. The best time to visit is first in the morning before the air is saturated with everyone else’s test sprays. Make sure you don’t overload your olfactory system, and only try a handful of scents at a time – five to ten at most.

Spritz a perfume strip and choose just two or three which you like to then test on your wrist, as you may be surprised at how scents can change on different people’s bodies. You may also discover that scents you liked previously no longer smell as you remembered them, thanks to changes in your body.

Ensure you want the fragrance as it evolves throughout the day, and check that it doesn’t fade away or overwhelm you. Once you have decided on a scent, you can shop for a reasonable price or visit review a site with lots of popular fragrances to find the best deal.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear a scent that you like. You want a fragrance that you will not tire of or that sticks in your nose, one that makes you feel like your best self!

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