5 Underwear Tips to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Often we pull off our knickers or underwear in second. Do you know what they do to your vagina? To keep tour vagina healthy apply this woman underwear tips everyday life. Take a few seconds to take care of your vagina.

Woman Underwear Tips

1. Check Fabric of Underwear

Vagina needs breath and airflow. The cotton is the healthier underwear fabric. synthetic materials, polyester, spandex, and nylon underwear not much breathable. If there no airflow it may chance to increase the moisture and the warm, moist area perfect place for bacteria may cause bacterial infection or yeast or vaginal infection(1).

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2. Change your knickers or underwear after the gym

After the hard workout, the sweat from your body may more enticing for yeast growth. Always change your knickers with a fresh pair after a workout.

3. Don’t wear something too tight

Tight underwear may you fell discomfort and irritation. It may cause vaginal infection and vagina chafing. Instead, wear strechter, softer and stretchier underwear for all your comfort.

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4. Sleep in the naked

If you wear an unsustainable knicker, recommend sleeping without underwear which allows air to flow and fresh breath. Apart from this the benefits of naked sleep include better sleep, promote vagina health, keep skin health, fall asleep faster(2).

5. Wear a thicker thong

Scientist recommends avoiding wearing G-Strings to avoid infections. The shape of G-Strings encourages the ecoli movement to form colon to the vagina, which not ideal for the health. Always choose underwear thongs to have a thicker back and give more comfortable.


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