3 Tips That Will Help You Burn Fat Faster

Fat is an essential nutrient, but just like anything else, the problem begins when you have too much of it. Aside from showing up as flab in all the wrong places, being overweight or obese is also a serious health concern.

Unfortunately for us, losing fat isn’t nearly as easy as gaining fat! Despite all that, it is possible to lose fat, become fitter and feel healthier with sincere devotion to intelligent exercising and informed dieting. If you are already on that journey to a slimmer self, or have set your mind towards it, here are five tips which will flatten the steep learning curve quite a bit for you with fast results.

Diet: Increase Your Protein Intake

One of the basics of weight loss regimens is the reduction of carb intake. Unknown to many, fat itself doesn’t cause you to gain as much fat as carbs do, and there are healthy fats like omega 3s which actually help us lose unwanted fat.

Even lesser known is the fact that protein plays a huge role in fat reduction. Most of us know protein to be healthy and those on a weight loss program know that they should include decent portions of the essential nutrient as part of their daily diet. However, what they may not be aware of is the fact that very few of us even consume the minimum recommended amount of protein, as per our body weight.

Unfortunately, we also tend to believe that high-protein diets are unsuited for us if our goal is to lose weight. Instead, we end up believing in the misconception that high-protein intake is only suitable for those trying to gain serious muscle mass. This is a fitness rumour or myth because losing fat and gaining healthy muscle mass in place of that is not supposed to be separate, to begin with.

The goal is not starvation here, so some of the fat that we lose needs to be replaced by lean muscle for a slimmer, fitter and stronger constitution. Additionally, high-protein intake also speeds up the metabolism, lowers accumulation of belly fat, keeps us full for longer and actively replaces accumulated fat, when coupled with exercise.

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Exercise: Weight Training for Weight Loss

Another misbelief is that weight training only builds muscles, while in reality, systematic and planned weight training has been proven to be more effective than traditional cardiovascular training, as far as weight loss is concerned. Combine different forms of weight training with an adequate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine for the best results. For faster results, better motivation and more energetic workouts, try non-injectable HGH therapy options like patches and sprays.

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Supplementation: Fill in the Gaps

We discussed the importance and significance of protein already in losing weight fast. It is, however, somewhat difficult to meet our daily recommended need for protein from food alone. There are two primary issues with that approach:

  1. It’s difficult to consume only protein without carbs or unwanted fat to the amount recommended
  2. We lead busy lives and may not get the chance to prepare and eat 6 healthy, high-protein meals a day

This isn’t just true for protein either but also applies to every other essential nutrient such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Supplement your meals with the right nutrients by first finding out the nutrient gaps. You can easily do so by comparing your usual diet with the weight loss program’s diet plan which you are planning to use. The next step is that of simply filling in those gaps with natural, dietary supplements, as necessary.

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