How to Lose Weight with Ayurveda-Best Diet Plan

Food is essential for our body, just like water. It provides us energy and strength. If we eat normally, then we will have normal body weight but if we start doing overeating or start doing intermittent snacking, it will lead to Obesity, a long term metabolic disease, occurs due to the accumulation of excess fat under the skin and around the certain organs of the body. Many people are adopting ayurveda for weight loss.

Obesity in terms of BMI – Obesity is defined as having BMI (Body Mass Index)greater than or equal to 30. Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat calculated by weight and height of the individual.

Obesity = BMI 30 or greater than 30

Etiology– Obesity can occur due to the following reasons –

  1. Heredity– If your parents are obese then there are chances that their offspring can also be obese.
  2. Overeating – It is a fact that if we overeat, it results in increased body fat, leading to Obesity.
  3. Diet rich in sugar – Sugar causes increased calories hence leading to obesity.
  4. Energy imbalance – When there is an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure, Obesity occurs.
  5. Alcohol – People who regularly take alcohol are likely to become more obese.
  6. Lack of physical activities – Lack of exercise results in increased calories in our body, leading to Obesity.
  7. Certain Medications – Steroids, anti-diabetic medicines, anti-depressants.
  8. Certain medical conditions – Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing-syndrome, hypothyroidism, etc.
  9. Pregnancy – Due to hormonal changes.

Complications of Obesity – Obesity can result in severe complications if not managed on time. These complications can be -High Cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, type II diabetes, stroke, cancers like – Colon, endometrial and breast cancer, liver problems and infertility.

Ayurvedic Perspective Of Obesity – According to Ayurveda, three energies in our body, which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, when the imbalance occurs between these three, this disease occurs. In Ayurveda, Obesity is known as “Sthoulya” and it has also been considered as a”Medoroga” that stands for Fat body adipose tissue disorder. “MedovahaSrotasas” are channels of circulation that control lipid metabolism in the body, which are blocked in obese people. Best  to try ayurveda for weight loss.

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How to lose Weight with Ayurveda – The Best diet plan

Ayurveda offers the best herbal remedies which are 100% pure, natural, safe to use and are free from chemicals and side effects.

  1. Proper diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Some herbal remedies

1. Proper diet

The proper diet involves what food to eat and what food to avoid, which is as follows –

What to eat These foods should be added to your diet –

Whole-grain foods– Like – Bajra, ragi, maize, jowar, red, black and brown rice, rajma, and chanadals.

Low-fat dairy products – Such as skim milk, cottage cheese and plain yogurt.

These options can be followed – Here are some diet options you can use them in the morning, afternoon and at night to get rid of obesity –

Breakfast Breakfastis the most important factor which is the most crucial times is to get metabolism racing.  You can have a sandwich made with whole wheat bread with a bowl of fresh-cut fruits.

Lunch Lunch time you can take simple roti along with a bowl of daal.  Daal is a good source of protein and protein is essential for weight loss. Since protein takes time to digest so it keeps us satiated for long.

Tea timeYou can have a cup of tea with fiber-rich whole-wheat biscuits but stay away from the sugary items and cookies.

DinnerYou can have chapatis, vegetables and swap the daal with vegetable salad.

What to avoid These foods should be avoided-

  1. Foods rich in carbohydrates – Such as grains, bread, milk, dairy products, potatoes, rice.
  2. Sweet and fatty foods – Such as – Sugar-sweetened beverages like – soda, sports drinks, fruit drinks, baked or fried potatoes and red meat like – beef, pork, lamb and processed meats.

c.Alcohol – Avoid alcohol because it increases the body calories, leading to the accumulation of excess body fat.

d.Overeating or intermittent snacking – Overeating or intermittent eating results in increased body calories.

E.Fried and fast food – Fast or fried foods, result in increased body calories which lead to obesity. It’s better to avoid fast or fried foods. So, try ayurveda for weight loss effectively.

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3. Exercises

Exercising is one of the most common strategies employed by those who are trying to shed extra pounds. In addition to helping you lose weight, burns calories, improves mood, makes bones stronger and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. These exercises can be as follow –

  • Walking
  • Running or Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga

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3. Ayurveda for Weight Loss: Some Herbal Remedies

Here are some herbs which are very beneficial in managing obesity –

Ginger – Ginger is a spice, derived from Zingiberofficinale, used as a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments including weight loss as well. Ginger significantly plays a role in decreasing both body weight and belly fat by increasing metabolism and fat burning, while simultaneously decreasing fat absorption and appetite.

Fenugreek – Fenugreekis a common household spice, derived from Trigonellafoenum-graecum. Fenugreek may help control appetite and reduce food intake to support weight, increased feelings of fullness and reduces hunger and food intake.

Turmeric – Turmericis a spice of potent medicinal properties due to the presence of curcumin, a chemical that has extensive effects on weight loss. One of the best ayurveda for weight loss quickly.

Ancient verse about Turmeric (Curcuma longa )

Reference – The Bhavaprakashanighantu, verse 196-197.

Meaning – This verse explains about various synonyms, properties and benefits of Turmeric. Synonyms for Turmeric are – Haldi, haridra, hatvilasini, kanchani, krimghni, nishakhya, varvarini, peeta, yoshitripya. This herb is pungent and bitter in taste, rough, hot in potency, used to pacify Kapha and Pitta dosha, improves skin tone, used in skin disorders, diabetes, bleeding disorders, inflammation, anemia and wound healing.

Black pepper – Black pepperis a common household spice derived from the dried fruit of Piper nigrum, contains a powerful compound called piperine, which has a pungent flavor and has potential weight-lowering effects.

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