Baby Bedding: what do you need?

If you are expecting a child, you will of course enthusiastically start working with the nursery. You think of paint and wallpaper, furniture, interior items, and so on. But are you also thinking of baby bedding? Maybe not the first thing on your mind, but certainly not unimportant! What do you need and where should you pay attention?

Baby Bedding Guide


A crib is a small bed for your baby. It is bigger than a crib. The dimensions are 60 cm x 120 cm. To properly make a bed you first need a flannel pad or mattress protector. This protects the mattress for when your child is drooling, sweating or spitting.

After this, the fitted sheet will appear over your mattress protector. Then you also have a sheet and blanket. Yes, it is a lot and where do you have to put everything?

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A mattress protector is so dull white and isn’t that cozy? With a fitted sheet over it, you immediately bring more color into your home! Fitted sheets are available in many colors and prints. There is bound to be something for you and your little one! Our favorite is the dots fitted sheet. What a party are those little black dots!


The order is the first sheet and then a blanket. By placing a sheet under the blanket, your baby will not feel anything stinging or tickling. That is much more comfortable and safer for the baby! We have a lot of prints for crib sheets. Mix and match with a nice blanket and fitted sheet and your cot is completely ready!

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A baby sleeps under a sheet and on top of that is a warm blanket. You can also take these blankets with you on the road. Super handy! Speaking of handy… With a tuck-inn blanket, you ensure that the blankets stay in place. They have elastic at the foot end so that it does not come loose quickly at night. The ocher yellow blanket from Chicory for Kids is one of them. This is also super soft on the bottom!


With a crib, you use the same layers as with a crib: a flannel pad, fitted sheet, sheet, and blanket. Only the dimensions are slightly different. A crib is smaller than a crib. A crib is generally 40 cm x 80 cm. This can sometimes differ because some cribs can also be round.

You often switch from crib to crib after three to six months. After that, babies start turning too much and becoming too big. A crib is then no longer safe. You don’t need more than 2 flannel pads, 3 fitted sheets, 4 sheets, and 2 blankets. Make sure that you make the bed short so that your baby does not suffocate.

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Is your child ready for a duvet cover in the cot? From two years old it is safe to sleep under a duvet. For that, you use sheets and blankets or sleeping bags. There are a lot of duvet cover sets! A set consists of a duvet cover and a pillowcase.

If your child loves your animals, the duvet covers from Done by Deer are a must! Their elephant boyfriend can be found everywhere and even cheer up the grumpiest! This one has rabbit ears on the pillowcase! How fun?!


Mix and match: that’s the secret! Combine dots with a floral print and a warm knitted blanket. Or use the same prints. Dots with dots! There is so much to vary. You can play with it endlessly.

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