Acing the Confidence Game: How to Celebrate Your Plus-Size Shape

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: modern society is obsessed with looks and governed by arbitrary standards that are harder on bigger girls than they should be. From arbitrary rules about what a plus-size woman can and can’t wear to the disappointing lack of representation of curvier figures in advertising and the media, it can be difficult for a woman on the chubbier side to feel strong, confident, and empowered about herself. In this post, you’ll learn a few pointers on how you can celebrate the curves that nature gave you, as well as how to find beauty in yourself at all times.

How to Celebrate Your Plus-Size Shape

Focus on Fit, Not Looks

Wearing clothes that fit correctly doesn’t just make you look better; you’ll also be more comfortable in them than in any garment you have to squeeze yourself into. Do away with restrictive pieces that don’t let you move around freely, and say no to skintight jeans that are impossible to walk in.

Instead, invest in a pair of plus-size leggings that follow your curves and hold you in at all the right spots. If you know where to buy leggings made of quality materials, you might be surprised at just how much comfort they can provide—and how much that can help you feel good about yourself.

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Invest in Good Underwear and Quality Shapewear

Top models and stylists all agree that good underwear and quality shapewear can make a massive difference in how your clothes fit and look. Just wearing a bra in the correct size and fit can do so much for you. It lifts your chest and changes your posture, with the bonus of reducing back strain. On the other hand, Shapewear can smooth down your curves and help create that highly-sought-after hourglass silhouette. When sized right and worn strategically, they can also provide additional support to your thighs and tummy area.

Be a Trendsetter, Not a Trend Chaser

There’s a massive difference between being trendy and being stylish, and one isn’t necessarily as good to live by as the other. Being intelligent means becoming a slave to whatever happens to be fashionable on social media, obsessively lusting after the latest styles, and decking yourself out on fresh-off-the-runway pieces, even if they don’t necessarily look good. On the other hand, being stylish involves having a keen sense of knowing what works for your shape and building on that foundation to create outfits and ensembles that always look good.

That said, the savvy plus-size woman is stylish, not trendy. She believes that fashion is a medium of self-expression and that the clothes she wears should say something about her as a person.

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Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Instead of viewing exercise as a way to conform to society’s ridiculous beauty standards, think of it as a form of self-care. Regular physical activity lowers your risk of developing certain severe health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes(1). It also gives you glowing skin and stronger bones and muscles. Finally, it’s an excellent mood-booster, especially on days when you’re feeling down.

Your workouts don’t necessarily have to be anything intense, either. You can choose a physical activity that’s appropriate for your level, whether it’s a simple tour around the neighbourhood or learning hip-hop choreography. Just get up and move!

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s one thing to feel put out after receiving a negative comment about your looks. Putting yourself down when you look at your reflection in the mirror is quite another. There shouldn’t be any room for negativity—least of all self-generated negativity—in your life. You expect others to respect who you are and the body you’re in. Why shouldn’t you do the same for yourself?

If there’s one thing you should remember from these tips, it’s this: you are beautiful and worthy, no matter what size you are. Stay positive, be kind, and don’t let naysayers prevent you from living your best life.

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