How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby My Personal Experience

Hello friends, how are you? this is Bipasa, Today in Health to style gave me a platform to share my experience of How to Take Care of a Newborn baby so lets. I wasn’t sure what to expect during those first few weeks at home with my newborn baby. The overwhelming unconditional love, the intensity of the emotion, was more than I expected.

But as it was disheartening because the whole journey appeared, the instinct started and being a father quickly became the most important natural problem in the world. Sure, I was tired of labor and childbirth, but it didn’t matter. As new people, we tend to focus 100% on caring for our new baby. Obviously, I tried to rest while my daughter was resting, eating well and being smart with visitors.

Good Advice

I received good advice from more experienced mothers and learned a lot every day when our baby started to grow, change and discover his new world. I thought of passing on some of the advice that was most helpful to me. I hadn’t had a baby in a long time and I was surprised how unstable I was at first.

I had to fully support his head and neck until he developed the strength to hold him alone. I discovered that cradling his head in the curve of my armor with my hand worked like a comfortable position. Now, whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, remember that it will be a big part of the time you spend together in the first few months.

Feed Myself 24 hours a Day

I discovered that I feed myself 24 hours a day. Use a support pillow and try to take time to relax mentally once the diet has been extremely helpful. Now, I was mainly breastfeeding, and even though it was more difficult than I thought, we managed to hang up on him fairly quickly. It was difficult to find the right position and find a comfortable lock, but after a few strides, it seemed like we were fixing things.

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Bottle Feed

But we also bottle feed. And the bottle gave me the opportunity to share this special moment with dad and his grandparents because from time to time they could take care of feeding. The first poop was also a surprise. It was thick, dark green, almost like tar. Well, it’s called meconium, it fills the intestines before birth and usually expels within the first 24 to 48 hours after the baby arrives.


It was sticky and difficult to clean. But the soft baby wipes certainly helped. Once he cleaned up his system, things were more traditional. His poop has become softer, lighter and more liquid, so don’t worry. All this is completely normal. Now, as a general rule, plan to change the diapers each time you sleep and after each meal, in addition when they are wet or if you have a bowel movement.

Discovered Wet Diaper

I discovered that if he kept a wet diaper on him for a long time, his skin could become irritated. Change it regularly and high-quality layers like these kept it dry and protected its delicate skin. They even have this blue line that appears when it’s wet, letting us know that you may need a change.

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Umbilical Cord

Now the umbilical cord has dropped by itself after a few weeks. But before we did, we kept it dry, mainly preventing the layer from covering it. Our doctor recommends cleaning it with alcohol every few days to clean it. Be sure to consult your doctor for recommendations. Now, if the cord becomes smelly, suppurative or soft, you should consult your doctor immediately.

There was another big surprise in the first few weeks, how much I slept a lot, but it was more like naps for two to four hours, then I woke up to eat, what I learned is perfectly normal and my other children did the same. thing. While babies are sleeping, their minds are working on the things they did that day, and there are so much brain and physical development during their sleep. I was looking forward to our mornings together and realized how important it was to sleep one night without interruption.

Bottom Line

It’s just a little bit of what I learned about those incredible first weeks with a newborn baby. It may sound like a lot, but don’t worry. The love and care you give them are exactly what they need. You will find your rhythm and your routine in no time.

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