Get a New Spark Into Your Lifestyle With Coloured Contact Lenses

Upgrade from using glasses and use coloured contact lenses right now. The most convenient way to enhance your lifestyle and appearance. Or do you want to up your game with a funky looking makeover on Halloween? Contact lenses are the best option for you! They are of different types and are available in a variety of colours to suit your need.

How do contact lenses work?

Most of us these days use contact lenses, some of us frequenting it more than the others. But do any of you wonder how contact lenses actually work? To understand the workings of the contact lenses, it’s important to first understand how the eye functions.

The eye comprises a central part and a coloured part. The coloured part is the iris and the clear central part is called the pupil(1). Light passes through the pupil and then into the inner structures of the eye, enabling us to see.

Contact lenses basically mimic this function of the eye. The central part of a lens is left empty for light to pass without any hindrance and so you are able to see as clear as without contacts. The iris is the part of the contact lens that is made in different colours and is given many lines, shapes and dots to make it look more natural.

There are prescription and Plano contact lenses available. Prescription contacts are for enhancing vision in people with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism while Plano is for cosmetic reasons to enhance and highlight the look.

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Types of Contact Lens

Hard contact lens:

These are hard and firm, but do not hinder the flow of oxygen to the eyes and are used for some eye conditions that soft lenses are not properly able to cater to, for example, keratoconus. Hard contact lenses are relatively more expensive and uncomfortable to wear.

If you wear hard contacts and are worried about Halloween, you’d be happy to hear that hard contacts are also available in a variety of colours although in lesser options than soft ones. However, there is still a lot of options to choose from.

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Soft contact lens:

These lenses are made from hydrogel, allow oxygen to reach the eye completely and are comfortable to wear. They can be used as daily wear and even can sometimes be used to sleep in, mostly in the cases of extended contact lenses. That, however, is not recommended.

Crazy contact lenses:

Then you have the crazy contact lenses that are so often used for Halloween and other purposes. They are made with more extreme designs and patterns and they are a little more expensive than normal coloured lenses. They are also available in many colours for different occasions such as red, black and white.

Looks you can create

You can create multiple looks with coloured contact lenses such as the soloticahidrocorocre for various occasions. If you wear glasses and want to show off your natural eye look, you can wear transparent lenses.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and create more looks to highlight your face, there are hundreds of colours available for you. You could wear hazel, light blue or grey to a party or an event or create a unique and scary look on Halloween using white sclera contacts, meshwork contacts or even glow in the dark UV contact lenses!

Are they safe?

The answer to this question is searched by many before finally deciding to get contacts. Truth, is contact lenses are as safe as you make them to be. Obviously, they come with risks but if you wear, clean and restore them according to the given instructions there is very less chance that any harm will come to your eyes. Here are a few tips and tricks for the safe handling of your contacts:

  • Discuss with your doctor whether it is safe for you to use contact lenses and get a prescription.
  • Wash hands before wearing or removing contacts.
  • Do not wash face, use showers or a pool while wearing contacts. Contact should be avoided with any body of water as these have bacteria and other organisms that may stick to the lenses and contaminate them.
  • Avoid eye makeup AFTER putting on your lenses.
  • Always use a fresh solution to store contact lenses in.
  • If you experience any itching, blurring of vision, watery or red-eye after using contact lenses, contact your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

If you avoid properly taking care of your contact lenses, you might develop eye problems of which the most common are keratitis and allergy-causing irritation in the eye.

This happens because if the lenses are not properly cleaned, they become a home to bacteria and other organisms which then cause irritation and other problems of the eye. It is advised that if you use prescription contacts, always keep glasses as an alternative to using in cases of a problem with the contacts. Good luck!

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