Top 10 Foods That Start With X

We have foods that name from A to Z. Her we have listed the top foods that start with X.

Foods That Start With X

1. Xinomavro grapes

Central Macedonia in Greece, you can find the red wine which is made with Xinomavro grapes. This wine is high acidity and has a high amount of tannins. It is most popular in Greece but not outside. Xinomavro grapes are one of the foods that start with x.

2. Xanthia

This is an old-school beverage. This uncommon cocktail in the 1920s which is made with equal parts chartreuse, cherry brandy, and gin.

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3. Xocolatl

Xocolatl is an original hot chocolate that is also called Mexican hot chocolate. It is a spicy and strong version of the milky sweet hot cocoa well known in the US.

4. Xingren donfu

Xingren donfu is the popular dessert foods that start with x. It is made in China with apricot or almond kernel milk, thickened with gelatine or agar, and sugar for sweetness.

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5. Xavier Soup

This is an Italian soup of the 16th century. This soup named for Saint Francis Xavier and one of the foods that start with x.

6. Xigua

Xigua is one of the foods that start with x and it West African fruit natively know as a citron melon. It is popularly known as watermelon all over the world.

7. Xoconostle

This fruit is a Central Mexican species. It is very sour and eaten rarely. It is used in various mole sauces and many salsas for citrusy tang.

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8. Xalapa punch

It is another beverage or foods that start with x. It is made with brandy, brewed black tea, oranges, red wine, and lemons. It tastes sour sangria and more bitter.

9. Xi Gua Lao

This dessert is made with crushed watermelon, sugar, powdered vanilla, agar, and chopped cherry. It is cold jelly and popular summer foods that start with x.

10. Xiao Long Bao

This is a Chinese dish soup filled with hot broth and meat.

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