7 Benefits of Pubic Hair You Should Know

Many people have a question about keeping pubic hair. As women, we remember and noticed that “hair growing down” signals for a journey of womanhood.

A study(1) found that removing pubic hair and grooming among American women and the fact that many women feel uncomfortable to keep it in place.

It is normal and natural hair. Instead of worrying about it scroll down to know the benefits of pubic hair

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair

There is no exact purpose of pubic hair, there are several theories to explain it.

According to Dr. Sherry Ross tells SELF(2) that pubic hair is a signal of sexual maturity. She also says it is important to keep because it keeps private t part safe.

Benefits of Pubic Hair

 Lower Risk Of STIs

 Pubic hair Lower Risk Of STIs

Pubic hair’s gatekeeping properties which help to reduce sexually transmitted infections. The U.S. National Library of Medicine found that people have a higher rate of STIs who groomed their pubic hair.

This may cause when hair removal or shaving cause tiny open cuts in the skin, by which infection my transmit easy. The pubic hair physically blocks the infection transmission.

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Less Sweat

pubic hairLess Sweat.

We all try to keep good smell or prevent to icky smell down there. Pubic hair is the natural way to keep the private part dry.

To avoid the sweaty vagina by which you can feel discomfort, let the hair grow at the private part or pubic hair which helps to absorb the sweat.

Pubic Hair Secretes Pheromones

Pubic Hair Secretes Pheromones

By the smell of someone’s cologne, you may attract, but it not only with artificial fragrance might not only one thing reeling you in. According to study(2), many animals ha secrete pheromones or smell that attract mares in nature.

Has human ha no exception, pubic hair’s location is a hot spot to these smell by its absorbent quality. Then let it be and your pheromones do its work.

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Less Skin Irritation

pubic hair Less Skin Irritation

The skin in and around is more sensitive than other parts of the body, which may more frequently be exposed. The pubic hair has protective properties, it is coarser, unlike other body hair.

To shave the hair on the leg is easier than pubic hair. So, when you trying to remove hair causes razor burn and you may found ingrown hair.

The easiest way to reduce skin irritation is to let your pubic hair flow and avoid shave or removal altogether.


pubi hair Sensation

The best feel and better when you massage your head, but also because of hair follicles which nerve end. According to writes in an article for Nashville Public Radio, “It turns out remarkably… that hairy skin has a special caress sensor.”

The sensation is robbing by removing pubic hair. So why to remove let it be!

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Regulating Body Temperature

Pubic hair Regulating Body Temperature

Body hair has s special characteristic for all mammals. It may vary degree, but all body hair grow for a special purpose.  According to study, regulating body temperature is one of the functions.

Just keep your hair down and let it do its job. The groin tends to hold the warm more compared to other body parts. So, pubes help to control body temperature.

Fewer Yeast Infections

Pubic hair reduce Yeast Infections

No one likes discomfort and itchy likes yeast infections. You are lucky you and your vagina, the pubic hair acts a natural sponge that protects form yeast infections.

Dr. Vanessa Mackay share(3), “Pubic hair helps to reduce yeast infection by control the moisture”

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