Benefits of Morning Sex

Many people have a routine as the wake-up, brush teeth, dressed, shoes that match and go to work. Everybody has enough time before wake-up to have sex in the morning. Many sexologists and other health experts explain the benefits of morning sex. Here the list of reasons to have morning sex!

Benefits of Morning Sex

1. Morning Sex will boost feel-good hormones

When you have sex in the morning, fee-good hormones will release to feel better. Oxytocin is well known as “love hormones”. Studies say that it will improve the bonding between couples.

Another hormone, Endorphins which helps to reduce depression and trigger positive feeling or thoughts. The benefits of morning sex also reduce stress, anxiety, and more.

2. Morning Sex for stress reliever

One study says that pleasurable activities can minimize the stress level. Before head to work have morning sex put you great mood and feel better all-day

3. Morning sex is count as a light workout.

According to study morning, sex burns 5 calories per minute. The good-morning sex is equal to workout on a treadmill for an hour.

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4. Morning sex for better morning mood

For some people, morning is not the happiest thing. You can boost a better mood, pain relief, and stress relives with good morning sex by releasing endorphins. A little action for a better feeling throughout the day.

5. Morning sex to boost Immunity

A study found that having sex regularly which increases immunoglobulin A helps fight against colds and infections. When you had sex in the morning boost the immunity and feel better all day.

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6. Morning sex helps to look younger

Having regular sex can keep you younger compare to others who have less sex, reported BBC. Sex releases beta-endorphins, oxytocin, and other anti-inflammatory molecules which play an essential role for a younger look. Look younger by morning sex.

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Bottom Line

The benefits of morning sex help to start a day with more joy. You can relieve stress, pain relief, skin glow, and look younger. Plan the morning sex atleast 3 times for more effective benefits of sex in the morning.

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