Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” is a very famous and accurate quote by H. Auden that states the facts. Water is indeed mandatory for any living organism, whether it be human beings or plants. Let see the benefits of drinking pure water!

Therefore, there is no need to raise questions on the importance of water. Even though water is present in abundance, it is not found to be pure. Many famous experts at National Geographic also state that only 1% of the total water availability is safe and suitable for drinking purposes.

In this article, we have covered why it is imperative to drink pure water and its essential health benefits for everyone. Let’s get started with the present scenario of water and how it affects our health!

Current Condition and effects of water on health

According to WHO, around 2 billion people are facing drinking water scarcity and are somehow surviving by drinking contaminated water, with diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, and so on. Sadly, we are all pretty much aware that water is in a deplorable and inferior condition, and the reason for this is the cruelty of humans.

From throwing plastics and other garbage items in rivers, oceans, and other water bodies to ignoring millions of tap leakages and wasting water, we have always been number one in harming water. And this is affecting us in a million ways. From the recent statistics from UNO, by the year 2025, ⅔rd of the world’s population will face water scarcity.

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Best Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

There are dozens of benefits of drinking pure water and not wasting it. Some of the significant health benefits that are bound to happen while drinking pure water are as follows:

1. Keeps you healthy

Pure water keeps you healthy and fresh. By drinking pure water, you can prevent dangerous diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, polio, typhoid, and even skin diseases like excessive dryness, which creates further troubles of dermatitis, and so on.

Moreover, our body is made up of mostly water and therefore requires water for proper functioning. So you have to fill in these pure water requirements to stay healthy.

2. Deals with problems of obesity

Obesity is the state of extra fat being stored in the body that can cause trouble with the person’s daily routines. However, drinking eight glasses of pure water daily can help a person reduce the extra weight and get rid of obesity and the problems it created.

Drinking water instead of soda can help a lot in losing weight. Dieticians claim that if you follow a proper and healthy diet with sufficient pure water, you can lose up to 4.5 Kgs.

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3. Optimization of energy level

Our body comprises of 60% water, and our blood is made up of 90% water. It means that our body requires lots of water to function correctly, and for that functioning and energy, you have to provide and fulfill its demand for pure water. Moreover, 70% of our brain is water as well. So you can look after it as well by drinking pure water.

4. No risk of dehydration

Dehydration is a problem that occurs when the body doesn’t get enough water and, therefore, basically forgets how to function correctly. Water is indeed like the fuel of the body, and dehydration can cause trouble with not only inner health like reduction in joints but also cause issues like wrinkles, etc.

According to some surveys, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which further leads to problems of fatigue and weakness. To avoid such danger of dehydration, it is a must for every person to drink at least eight full glasses of pure water every day.

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5. Better Digestion

Saliva is formed through water and is the main component when it comes to digestion food. Moreover, it also works efficiently for dental health. However, no pure water means no saliva formation, which leads to improper digestion, dryness in the mouth and other parts, and so on.

Not just that, but a person can form an overly acidic stomach by not drinking pure water. Moreover, this acidic stomach can create troubles with improper digestion as well as cause problems of gas formation inside the body.

6. Delivers oxygen and keeps a check on body temperature

As mentioned earlier, our blood constitutes about 90% water, and therefore, water helps us to deliver oxygen in our body as blood carries oxygen. If you take in pure water, it will clear the path for blood to travel and spread oxygen in various parts of the body smoothly.

Moreover, whenever our body temperature rises, we start sweating. Do you know why? Sweating happens to cool down our body temperature, and sweat is another element that is made up of water. Therefore, we can say that water helps us to maintain a balanced body temperature.

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7. Clears waste and maintains proper functioning kidneys

With the elements of sweating and urine, pure water helps to clear the waste in our bodies. Moreover, pure water also looks after the proper functioning of kidneys by stimulating the adequate fluids and their functioning in our bodies.

Pure water keeps the blood vessels open, allowing blood to travel to the kidneys and transfer the essential nutrients. It also helps the kidneys to clear out waste. Along with this, pure water also keeps a check on the blood pressure of our body. It makes it again very important to always consume pure water.

Also you can use the pure water in environmentally sustainable ways in your daily life. Check out the health benefits of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ how to produce an environmentally sustainable water treatment solution.

Final Note

So, these were the underlying reasons as to why pure water is crucial and how our body can be damaged in the absence of pure water. Therefore, make sure that you have a pure water supply in your home. If you are facing trouble with water and finding for the perfect RO, you can search for pure water  RO services near me and find the desired results to get pure water. Also, never forget the importance of water in general and prevent wasting water in any form.

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