6 Highest-Rated Water Bottles with a Built-in Filter

Many people drink from disposable water bottles because the tap water in their home is unsafe or comes with unpleasant tastes and smells. There’s a great convenience in water bottles, such as the promise of clean water and the ability to take them on the go. That said, drinking pack after pack of water bottles isn’t economical—or good for the environment.

The better solution is to explore purchasing water bottles with a built-in filter. These reusable water bottles offer the same convenience as disposable water bottles yet cost far less and far better for the environment. Most quality water bottles with filters pay for themselves in just a few weeks, thanks to the cost you’ll save not buying packs of water bottles.

If you’re interested in saving money and getting the very best in clean, safe, filtered water (even better than store-bought bottled water), check out any of these top-rated water bottles with a built-in filter.

Best Water Bottles with Filters

Aquaspace® AquaBuddy™

The purpose of a filtered water bottle is to provide clean, safe drinking water on-demand, and few bottles do this better than the AquaBuddy™. It relies on a powerful Aquaspace® Compound filter to remove a wide range of organic and inorganic compounds and an Aqua ION™ Compound to raise the pH of the water to an alkaline level. Filters last for an excellent 288 refills (45 gallons), equating to about two months of costs saved by not buying disposable water bottles.

One of the best things about this bottle is its vast 20oz size, making it great for everything from use around the house to hydration during athletics. It’s easy to grip and squeeze and features an easy sip spout. Filters are quick and easy to replace for effortless hydration on the go.


If you’re willing to spend a premium on water bottles with a built-in filter, the GEOPRESS™ is an excellent option. It features a novel press-to-filter design, which purifies up to 24oz of water in however long it takes you to push the filter down literally. It’ll filter just about anything out, from pathogens and microbes to chemicals and heavy metals. It’s constructed with non-slip materials and is rugged, making it a great on-the-go bottle—especially if you like to adventure.

The only real downside to this bottle is its price and the cost of filter replacements. At $90, it’s at the top of the range for what most people want to spend on a water bottle. Cartridges are another $30 apiece. It’s best to look at this bottle as an investment you’ll frequently use to realize its value.

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LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Most people are familiar with LifeStraws themselves—standalone filters that you drink through. This bottle marries that same level of powerful filtration to the convenience of taking water with you on the go. It features a two-stage activated carbon filter contained in a 23-ounce rigid plastic bottle. It’s a water bottle you can take with you just about anywhere and effectively filter water from nearly any source.

The claim to fame of LifeStraw is its ability to filter microorganisms and microplastics. As a result, you get the safest possible water—even against viruses and protozoa. Unfortunately, the filter life is poor as a result; it only lasts for about 26 gallons. Thankfully, replacement filters are very affordable, and the cost balances itself out over time.

Sawyer Select Filter and Purifier S3

Featuring an absolute 0.1-micron filter, the Purifier S3 bottle is one of the best water bottles with a built-in filter on this list. It’s also a soft-squeeze bottle, which makes it convenient and comfortable to use. Its ability to filter water in about 10 seconds is also a defining quality that most people appreciate for its convenience. At 20oz, it’s also a great size.

For all the great features it offers, this bottle also has a couple of drawbacks. On the trivial side, the shape of the bottle can be very awkward since it’s much taller than other bottles as a product of its hollow-fiber membrane and foam core. The foam core also poses another problem: it degrades heavily in the face of chlorine. Individuals looking for a water bottle to use around the house might experience filter depletion quicker than average if their tap water is heavily chlorinated.

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KOR Nava BPA-Free Filter Water Bottle

The Nava bottle from KOR was designed for everyday use and convenience, representing arguably the best bang for your buck on this list. It uses a coconut shell filter to remove chlorine and other common contaminants from tap water. The bottle itself is shatterproof and dishwasher safe, ready to stand up to regular use wherever you choose to take it. It also features a built-in filter straw. At 22oz, it’s a size most people are comfortable with.

This bottle will filter about 40 gallons before the filter needs changing, and the filters themselves are very affordable. It’s not the most powerful filtration system on this list, but it’ll deliver the quality you’d find in a disposable water bottle—at a fraction of the annual cost.

Astrea ONE Premium Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle

Astrea’s stainless steel model is a winner for those who want to make a real, lasting investment in a durable everyday water bottle. Stainless steel, combined with a built-in filtration system and an easy-fill lid, makes it the ultimate water bottle for around the house. Plus, it’s double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep water inside ice-cold for more extended periods.

This water bottle with a built-in filter is explicitly engineered to filter the contaminants most common in tap water, including lead, chlorine, pesticides, hormones, and pharmaceuticals. It filters around 30 gallons before it needs a replacement filter, and the filters aren’t all that expensive. Changing them can be a bit of a pain due to the enclosed design of the bottle and its stainless-steel construction.

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