How You Can Freshen Up Your Closet For The New Season

How often have you looked at your wardrobe and closet and just felt like starting again? As the seasons change, it can be hard knowing what to wear and how to wear it, and as a result, you often find yourself wearing the same outfits time and time again. To stop this, you need to act now, and you need to freshen up your closet. To get started, you need to first focus on what you currently have. So, pull open those closet doors.

Freshen Up Your Closet For The New Season

Out With The Old

Sort clothes out into piles as this will make your life easier, and it will make the whole process simpler and quicker. What have you not worn for a while that can be thrown away or donated to charity? What do you love and want to keep, and what do you regret buying? For the pieces you love, and for the elements that you will wear again, it is time to get them clean and get them into storage so you can free up much-needed space, and for everything else that has been left over, it is time to sell it, donate it, or recycle it.

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Utilize Storage

Your closet or wardrobe cannot handle all your clothes, and so you must put away clothes that you still love ready for the next season. When looking for Chicago storage locations, you must know just how much space you need. Not all storage locations offer the same sized areas, so ensure that you get a warm (heated if possible) space close to where you live. Cheap storage that may be located far away from your home will be a waste of time and money, as you will not visit as often you need to or want to.

Use A Stylist

To ensure that you do not end up with a closet full of clothes you will never wear again, it is essential that you only buy items that you love and, most importantly, that suit you and look good. A stylist is necessary and not as expensive as you think. Stylists can tell you what colors suit you and what styles suit your body frame and shape. This advice will ensure that you only buy clothing that you know you will love to wear time and time again when you go shopping.

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Get Shopping

After a closet overhaul, your poor closet may be looking a bit sad and sorry for itself. Well, now that is just no good. It is time to hit the stores both online and offline and get buying those new statement pieces and everyday pieces that will once again fill your closet with color, love, and style. When shopping, you must try and remember how much space you must supply. To ensure that all your clothes get loved and worn, your closet mustn’t be rammed full of clothing and accessories.

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