Understanding The Benefits Of Red Wine For Your Health

Much interest has been shown in understanding the merits of consuming red wine to improve your health. Is drinking red wine a smart way to feel better and get healthier? The answer is, yes, it is a good option to have in your diet. There are several health advantages of consuming red wine during the day as long as you are keeping it to 1-2 glasses. 

Over the years, gifting wine has become integrated into modern society. It is a great drink because it tastes wonderful, goes well with a meal, and of course, offers a long list of health-related benefits at the same time.

The French Paradox

This is a concept that Dr. Serge Renaud cited with the idea of assessing how there was a direct relationship between the French and the overconsumption of saturated fats in their meals. This also included other bad habits such as smoking too much, not getting enough exercise, and simply not eating well. While all of this was true, he noticed most of the French were not dealing with heart issues regardless of how bad their diet or lifestyle was. So he wanted to find out why this was the case. Over time, he realized it had to do with the red wine they were drinking. The French loved their wine, allowing them to stress their heart more than the average person. 

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The Healing Benefits Of Red Wine

Red wine is high in antioxidants and is made from fruit. The benefit of antioxidants is seen in how the body protects itself from toxins that tend to come from other foods or even the environment. Antioxidants act as a protector against these toxins by helping cleanse them out of the system. In red wine, you get access to an antioxidant that goes by the name resveratrol, and it is found in the seeds of fermented grapes. During the fermentation process of the grape, resveratrol levels remain high, which is then seen through the consumption of the red wine later on. This is why resveratrol is good for the human body, and it can help empower the immune system. This is where the healing benefits of red wine start to shine as time goes on.

The Advantage Of Drinking Red Wine

Red wine is noted for being good for your cardiovascular system. This is because it has substances such as flavonoids and tannins that are good for the body, leading to improved cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins. This can go a long way in improving your ability to handle different heart-related diseases, strokes, and heart attacks. In addition, with the help of resveratrol, you can enjoy a simple anti-clotting effect that helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

In women, it is also noted for helping with conditions such as breast cancer and menopause. The symptoms that come along with these issues can be managed better with the help of resveratrol, which is a phytoestrogen. 

Red wine is also great for managing neurodegenerative diseases as studies have shown resveratrol does well in helping with aging. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, which is why preventing it with the help of red wine is recommended.

Studies also show it is good for the management of food poisoning. It has to do with the red wine targeting the toxins in the body and making sure they are cleared out before having a greater impact.

Red wine has also been noted for doing well with gum diseases. Those who have inflamed tissue in their mouth will want to consider this for their long-term oral health.

A person that is dealing with gum disease should be on the lookout for the polyphenols in red wine, which can help reduce the impact of bacterial growth in the oral cavity. If left untouched, this can lead to significant discomfort.

You can also help regulate the effect of specific cancers due to the help of resveratrol. Specialists believe this does well when it comes to the management of cancerous cells.

There have also been studies done on the way it can impact the progression of dementia by slowing it down.

Numerous people in Europe believe drinking a glass of wine with dinner is the way to go and is quite healthy. However, some experts believe you can drink up to two glasses per day as a man and one glass per day as a woman to retain all of these health-related benefits. The only time you can get into trouble is when you overconsume red wine, including drinking over four glasses of red wine per day. This is going to tax the kidneys and do quite a bit of damage over the long haul.

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With all of this in mind, what should you focus on with red wine?

Red wine is great, and when used wisely, it will impact your life in a good way. However, it would help if you took the time to drink in moderation to retain the benefits you are after. This is a must as you don’t want to overextend yourself by drinking too much. If you drink it the right way, you will enjoy all of the benefits that have been listed here.

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