Benefits of Green Tea with Honey

Green Tea is one of the popular beverages which have many health benefits. To taste sweeter you can add honey to it. You have to know the health benefits of Green Tea and Honey together for health and beauty.

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea with Honey

Helps to Control Cholesterol

The Heart stroke and fatal heart disease my causes due to a high cholesterol level in the body. It’s mandatory to keep cholesterol level in control, that means it should be lower than 200 mg/dl to prevent from heart stroke. You can control it by good and exercise, apart from this you can control by consuming the green tea with honey.

For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

By consuming green tea daily morning it may improve weight loss by enhancing the metabolism and assist for fat burning. For the lower rise of blood sugar, you can add honey, it can reduce food carving by maintaining stable blood sugar. Green Tea and honey is the best choice for weight loss if you have a sweet tooth.

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For Cancer Prevention

Green Tea with Honey has a good amount of antioxidants(1) which are important for good health. Cancer caused due to the uncontrol multiplying effect of cells. By adding honey in the green which helps to reduces the cancer cells. It is one of the benefits of honey and green tea.

To Improve Brain Function

Green Tea has the Caffeine, single ingredient present in it. By adding honey, the extra minerals and vitamins help for good brain health. This ingredient helps to activate the brain neurons. Its also increase reaction time of the brain and improve memory. By consuming daily it improve brain focus and stability.

Improve Bone Health

Most people suffer from Osteoporosis, it is the major bone issue. At a certain age for women, the bone strength reduces, With the help of green tea, improve the bone health and strength. Adding honey in green tea for tastier and increase antioxidants.

For Healthy Skin

Green Tea with Honey, regular consumption helps to exterminates toxins from the body.  It will add healthy minerals and vitamins. The antioxidants are present in Green Tea and Honey for skin help to grow new skin cells and give younger look. It also helps to get rid of acne.

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Treat Common Cold

It helps to improve the immune system, Green tea with honey helps to fight against the virus that causes flu and cold. The antioxidant in it helps to boost your immune and the also green tea with ginger and honey to fight with cold.

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For Hair Growth

It also helps for hair growth and reduces hair fall in both women and men. Catechin which is present in green tea reduce the dihydrotestosterone which leads to hair fall.

Other zinc and ascorbic present in it help for hair growth, Honey help to get back the shine of the hair which is effect by pollution or dryness of the hair. By regularly consumption of honey with green tea give strength to your hair.

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