8 Fun Fall Work Outfit Ideas

Fall is one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. With a rich, bold color palette and lots of beautiful fabrics, this is a time when you can show off your fashion sense at work. No matter what sort of outfit your job requires, there are fun fall fashion ideas that will help you look your best this season. While the changing, unpredictable temperatures of these months can make it challenging to choose the right outfit, here are eight fun ensembles that will work on any day at any job.

Fun Fall Work Outfit Ideas

1. Minimalist Scrub Sets

If you work in a field that requires a uniform, like healthcare, you may feel limited by what you can wear on the job. However, there are numerous ways to express your personal style this fall while still adhering to your company’s dress code. Women’s and men’s scrubs in classic fall colors like navy, grape, charcoal and olive can be a chic minimalist approach to dressing for work to ensure you always look professional. Try a structured zippered scrub jacket over a white tee and a pair of matching scrub pants in a pocketed straight-leg style. Alternatively, if you love adding a splash of color or pattern to your day, invest in a bold fall-patterned pair of nursing scrubs. With Halloween just around the corner, scrub tops featuring pumpkin or Nightmare Before Christmas patterns can inject festive fun into the workplace.

2. Belted Midi Dress and Block Heels

A belted midi dress with block heels can be the perfect fall outfit if your office requires more formal or traditional office attire. A midi dress can vary in length from 2″ above the ankle to just below the knee, giving you a lot of flexibility to adapt to colder weather and different office settings. Midi dresses also come in a wide variety of cuts, from slim and pencil cuts to wider, fuller and flared designs, giving you the freedom to choose the look that suits your body shape.

A belt can add a splash of contrasting colors, so choose a color that is complementary to the main shade of the dress. Block heels can give you the formal look of heels that some offices or professional settings may prefer but offer better comfort. Add gel pressure inserts at the heel and ball of the foot for added shock absorption and all-day comfort.

Belted Midi Dress
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3. Slouchy Suit

While corporate dress codes often require business casual attire, this doesn’t mean you need to don an uncomfortable classic suit. Slouch suit styles with a less tailored fit are an ideal cozy yet sophisticated fall alternative to the corporate suit and tie for both men and women.

Look for suit jackets with no shoulder pads or an understated drop-shoulder and taping at the seams rather than a structured lining. This allows for easy layering with shirts or sweaters that won’t add bulk to your outfit and which ensures the relaxed drape of the jacket flatters your frame. Choose wide-leg pants belted at the waist with a belt color-matched to the suit’s tone. Try pants with large pleats and a high-waisted cut to elongate the legs and create the illusion of shape underneath the suit.

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4. Sweater and High-Waisted Crop Pants

A graphic print sweater or a chunky cable knit can make a bold style statement without looking ostentatious at the office. Choose fall-themed prints or chic geometric designs in autumnal hues like tan, rust and ochre. Pair the voluminous sweater with tailored cropped or split hem trousers in a neutral but coordinating shade. This will help balance your silhouette and ensure your outfit looks pulled together and professional. Add a pointed stiletto or ballet flats to complete the ensemble.

5. Patterned Button Down Shirt and Trousers

Patterned Button Down Shirt and Trousers
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Button-down shirts are staples in work wardrobes. These workhorse garments are the ultimate versatile item for fall, ideal for layering under sweaters or blazers yet warm and polished enough to wear on their own. This fall, choose a cotton button-down shirt in a classic pattern like plaid or herringbone to wear to the office. Pair with relaxed wide-fit trousers and tuck the shirt hem using the French or half-tuck method to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

6. Bodysuit, Midi Skirt and Knee Boots

One of the most fashion-forward outfits you can choose this fall, a bodysuit paired with a midi skirt and knee boots is an eye-catching fun fall work outfit. The bodysuit ensures a sleek silhouette while maintaining body temperature without needing bulky outerwear. Add a midi-length knit skirt in a soft neutral shade like beige or cream. Try a full pleated style for a soft, feminine drape to give your outfit movement. Slip on a pair of knee-length tan leather boots with a low heel to tie the ensemble together.

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7. Shirt Dress and Ankle Boots

A classic style that looks great in any season, the shirt dress with ankle boot combination is a great work outfit for fall. Originally worn as a practical outfit for nurses at the beginning of the 20th century and later as one of the first women’s sports outfits, this comfortable yet fashionable look can be modified to fit any occasion.

The shirt dress is a conservative style, making it suitable for office or professional settings. Fall shirt dresses should be in bright colors like white, tan and light blue. A simple pattern like pinstripes is a formal yet fashionable option that can give your outfit a nice contrast. Pair your shirt dress with fashionable dark or earthy-tone ankle boots. Light brown suede boots are a particular fall favorite, as are the classic black leather boots. If you wear a belt, match the color to your boots.

8. Tailored Jumpsuit

Tailored jumpsuits are some of the best fall work outfits. These on-trend items are easy to throw on and match with accessories. This outfit can be paired with other layers to add color and style and keep you warm as the temperatures drop. A tailored jumpsuit can be used in a range of formal and casual settings and look great on almost any occasion. Choose one of the primary fall colors like orange, tan or burnt umber and accent it with a white base layer for an easy, go-anywhere look that will turn heads this fall.

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Stay Stylish This Fall

Transitional seasons like spring and fall allow you to experiment with your outfits and elevate your style game. Try adding layers and accessories in classic fall colors and patterns to add vibrancy and personality to your ensemble while ensuring you remain warm and comfortable at work as the weather gets chilly.

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