How to Improve the Skin Condition

Skin is a problem that everyone pays attention to, especially facial skin. Whether a person’s skin is healthy or not can affect many aspects of life, such as mood, self-confidence, social interaction, work, and other aspects of life. The best skin condition in one’s lifetime is the baby period, which is plump, elastic, and delicate. Why is the skin good in the baby period? Because there is no stress, the baby eats and sleeps well. And its cell activity is very high, so there are no toxins inside the body! But as we get older, the skin will have various problems, such as pimples, acne, blackheads, sagging, wrinkles, etc.!

Many people probably know some causes of skin problems, such as oily skin, environmental pollution, irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, staying up late, stressful and fast-paced life, etc.! These reasons affect the skin and can not be avoided because we are living in such an environment. These are things that we cannot change. Maybe we can change the irregular schedule, diet, and exercise. But we can not do it well always, and lead to our skin problems.

What should I do to get healthy skin in some current situations?

I have been thinking about this problem. Many people have heard that fitness can make their skin better. Stable work and rest, and good eating habits can also help them have healthy skin. However, even if some people insist on exercising every day and keeping a healthy lifestyle, their skin is still not good. There are always various problems. What is the reason? As I said at the beginning, each of us has good living habits during infancy, and every child’s skin is very good. So apart from some external factors, where is the difference between these two periods?

The only difference is the activity of cells and the amount of toxin waste. In other words, if we increase the activity of skin cells as much as possible and reduce the amount of toxin waste in the skin, does it mean that we can effectively improve our skin and make our skin healthy?

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How can we increase cell activity and reduce skin toxin waste?

Fitness! It is for sure, but not enough. Use skin care products and essences to help the skin absorb nutrients and become active. I think the physical methods of red and blue light combined with skincare, and fitness makes our skin reach a very healthy state.

The red and blue light I said is a cold light, which does not produce high heat or burn the skin. It converts light energy into intracellular energy, accelerates the cycle of cell growth, and stimulates fiber cells to produce collagen. It can bring unexpected effects on repairing aging skin, acne skin, patchy skin, wrinkled skin, allergic symptoms, sunburned skin, and will not cause any harm or discomfort to the skin. Photodynamics is one of the safest and most effective instruments for the treatment of acne and skin rejuvenation.

470nm outputs high-purity blue light (BLUE) matches the peak light absorption of the metabolite porphyrin of P. acnes. The chemical de-stimulation process of the metabolite of P. acnes produces a large amount of singlet active oxygen. It can produce a high oxidation environment to Propionibacterium acnes, cause bacterial to death and then clear the acne on the skin.

635nm red light (RED) has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source, and uniform energy density. It has significant effects on skincare and health treatment and is called biologically active light. Red light can increase cell activity, promote cell metabolism, and secrete a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue. It can accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and improve the skin’s chlorosis and dullness, to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and repair effects, which can not be achieved by traditional skincare.

Photon Skin Rejuvenation

KINGDO multifunctional red and blue light import and export beauty device is the one I am using recently. I have used many beauty devices, but I want to recommend this one to everyone. It has two massage heads. Blue massage head can be directly installed with a cleansing cotton or face towel. Through the dual action of blue light and makeup remover, our daily makeup remover will be cleaner, and there will be less residue left in the skin. After we have cleaned it, we will turn on the red light. Carrying out cell energy injection will make our cells more active and enhance cell metabolism. The enhanced cell metabolism will promote the skin’s ability to detect toxins and waste so that our skin enters a virtuous circle. Naturally, our skin will become healthier and healthier.

If you have the same troubles as I did before, or have tried many skincare methods but have not solved the skin problem well, you can follow my suggestion. After you improve your skin, remember to tell me, and then share it, so that you can help more people.

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