Innovative Treatments For Early And Late-Stage Breast Cancer In Singapore

Unfortunately, breast cancer is becoming more common in women around the world. Although it is rare, men can also develop breast cancer. Therefore, it is pertinent for everyone to be aware of the potential risks. Among women in the United States, breast cancer is the most common type. It is estimated that a woman will have a 13% chance of developing breast cancer in her life.

The good news is that treatment options are more reliable than ever before. Whether you’re dealing with early or late-stage breast cancer, it is possible to receive innovative treatments in Singapore. These treatments will greatly increase your chance of survival while reducing the likelihood that the cancer will return.

About Breast Cancer

Although most people have heard of breast cancer, few fully understand what it is. This condition is caused when the DNA of cells in the patient’s breasts have changed. As a result, this leads to uncontrolled growth. It is difficult to know exactly what causes cancer, but it may be possible to minimize the risk. For instance, reducing your alcohol intake and exercising regularly can reduce the risk. Genetics, age, and family history can increase the likelihood that you’ll develop breast cancer.

The key is to identify the problem as early as possible so it can be treated effectively. Doctors use mammograms and MRIs to detect breast cancer.

Possible Treatments

After you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is pertinent to treat the problem immediately. Delaying will only cause the condition to worsen. In Singapore, doctors will develop a personalized plan for you. However, certain treatment methods are available.


Doctors in Singapore are using innovative treatments to deal with breast cancer. Patients have the option of beast-conversing surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, and a mastectomy. With two options, the breast will remain. It may be reconstructed. However, many patients choose to have a mastectomy which will remove the entire breast. Surgery may also be required to remove nearby lymph nodes if the cancer has already spread.

The innovative treatment options in Singapore will help ensure that every cancerous tissue has been removed. Thankfully, navigating breast cancer care in Singapore has never been easier.

Drug Therapy

Some patients will be able to undergo drug therapy. In general, this method is only effective for early-stage breast cancer patients. It’ll also depend on the type of breast cancer you have. If you have metastatic breast cancer, the treatment will depend on the hormone expression. Common drug therapy options include chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. Chemotherapy involves the use of anti-cancer medications that will help kill the cancerous cells.

Hormonal therapy is another option. Finally, you also have the option of choosing targeted therapy and radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is an innovative, effective method that eliminates cancer cells using high-energy rays. It is recommended for female patients with tumors less than 5cm. It is also effective when the cancer has spread to the patient’s lymph nodes.

The specialist in Singapore will help the patient determine which treatment is best for them. Regardless, receiving innovative treatment in Singapore can help increase the likelihood that you’ll overcome and survive the problem.

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