Ultimate Hot Girl Summer Gift Guide

The whole point of having a hot girl summer is to have a lot of fun while the weather is still hot. Summer can come and go in a blink of an eye, so you want to ensure you and your besties are filling it up with memorable experiences while feeling confident as you do so.

In which case, why not commemorate this year’s hot girl summer with a few gifts to give to those who have made it great?

Find inspiration for gifts with this guide here!

A Gorgeous Gift Basket

One of the cardinal values to adhere to for a hot girl summer is to be unapologetically you. For some, it means putting yourself first when you need to do so. That means putting self-care at the forefront of your priorities. In which case, why not ensure that for a friend who needs that self-loving? Thankfully, you can go with a gift basket. The best gift baskets are typically the ones that do focus on self-care. They’re perfect for filling them to the brim with self-care items like bathroom accessories to elevate relaxing baths like bath bombs, skincare to help keep their lovely glow and even some of their favourite treats.

Hot Girl Summer Playlist

No one can touch music, but it can certainly profoundly touch others. If you’re strapped on cash but have impeccable music taste, consider making a playlist as a gift! It might seem like a low-maintenance gift at first. However, creating a flawless playlist that speaks to one or more friends takes a lot of work. For a good, solid playlist, you need to aim for at least 24 to 30 songs to be included. That’s a lot! For those who you shared a great hot girl summer with, you can bet they would appreciate the effort. It shows a lot of thought to curate songs that have such sentimentality to you all. If anything, it leaves a tangible memory—one where you can play various songs that remind you of those experiences together.

Marvellous Makeup

There is no better way to express yourself than with makeup. Makeup is a great hot girl summer gift as it allows a friend to serve creative looks that will have them feeling bold and confident. Plus, they would be beyond grateful for such a gift since, nowadays, makeup is rather pricey – even in some drugstores. If you gift them that lipstick or eye palette they’ve been eyeing, you can rest assured they would absolutely love it. Plus, you know for sure that’s something they would use. After all, you don’t want to give them makeup that doesn’t match their style. If you are uncertain, there is nothing like a gift card to their favourite makeup store that will make them happy. Ensure they have makeup that fits their aesthetic, so they can keep looking glam well past your hot girl summer!

One Last Trip

As mentioned before, hot girl summer is all about having fun to its fullest. What better way to do so than by travelling? One last trip before the summer is over makes for a great way to wrap up the summer. Whether it be a trip to another country or simply to another city, it makes for a great gift idea, regardless. One way you can gift to a friend would be to spot one aspect of the trip as a sweet gesture. For instance, if your friend can’t afford luggage, you can spot them on it. Alternatively, you can consider buying them something during the trip as a little memento. These small things can mean so much and shows you wish for them to be included no matter what. This way, you can ensure a memorable experience together as you set off on your last adventure before summer ends. It’s honestly a gift worth giving in whatever way you choose to do so.

Just as hot girl summer ends, so does this article, unfortunately. Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration for gift ideas on what to give to those who truly help shape your hot girl summer for the better and for many summers to come!

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