Athleisure To Work : Here Is How To Do It Right

If you are a person who has a sense of style while having your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, then chances are you will know what athleisure means. For those of you who are still figuring out how to immerse yourself in this latest craze. You are in for a ride!

Athleisure wear is a cross between sportswear or athletic clothing and leisure apparel. The world we live in is obsessed with external looks and fads of health and fitness. A huge amount of people now crave to be perceived as health enthusiasts living a healthy lifestyle while having a trendy and sportier look.

The trends of athleisure wear have taken the global fitness industry by storm and the fads of wearing sports attire outside gym and fitness centers continue to defy gravity. At present, the global value of the athletic apparel industry easily surpasses $270 Billion and still, there are no signs that the trend of sportswear as casual dressing will slow down anytime soon.

The ground shattering innovative and robust outfit styles and looks that combine the sense of classy fashion and extreme comfort by emerging athleisure brands have changed how workout clothing has been perceived all these years. Now the era of saggy, overly traditional, and formal clothing where comfort was butchered is no more.

Workplaces are now more encouraging their employees to dress ‘creatively’ which means you can wear almost anything as long as you are presentable in business settings. Now a range of office athleisure wear brands are emerging and everyone with a sense of fashion is grasping this fad.

Want to wear your comfortable sports outfits to work? Here is how to actually do it.

Athleisure Workwear

1. Workout Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Do you think you can wear only your shirt and sweater under your formal jacket or suit? Well, think again. Athletic wear is all about creativity while developing a blend of comfiness and presentability. You can wear your sports outfits anywhere if you know how to effectively combine and contrast your wardrobe items.

Wear hoodies and sweatshirts with a formal suit and baffle your co-workers with your sassy looks. If you do not have sportswear items, check out BornTough’s workout hoodies and sweatshirts collection for finding out coziest yet workplace-friendly outfits.

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2. Jogger Pants

Wearing tight and uncomfortable formal pants to work is not preferred by the majority nowadays. Rather a more trendy outfit is to wear breathable workout jogger pants to the work to remain comfy and active throughout the day.

This type of outfit is perfect for a sportier look while being perfect for wearing to the office. For this outfit, it is important that you have a sports jogger pants that you can combine and contrast with any of your favorite shirts while wearing accessories like glasses and a watch.

Don’t have jogger pants in your wardrobe? Don’t fret! We have got you covered. Try out BornTough’s workout jogger pants and wear them to your office today.

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3. Walk-in Style

If you still wear rock hard and highly uncomfortable and fitness repelling shoes to work and everywhere, then you need more education about dressing intelligently. You need to develop your sense of fashion to remain respectable and sociable in today’s society.

Your peers will love to hang out with you if you have a sportier look and a sense of great fashion. And to complete your outfits you will need a very high appealing set of athletic shoes that will not only keep you comfortable throughout the day but will also increase your aesthetics.

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4. Tank Tops under Jacket

Forget about wearing full sleeves shirt under your jackets and try wearing exercise tank tops to feel lightweight and flexible. Wearing full sleeves shirts under your jackets to appear formal cannot only just makes you sweat excessively in hot weather but can also add more to your already long list of laundry items.

To appear more athletic wear a gym tank top under your jacket or long overcoat to stay fresh inside and to look formal outside. It will also help you to remain dry and cool in the summer.

Similarly, fitness trends continue to come and go with time but the bubble of wearing fitness and sports outfits to the office is not going to burst anytime soon. So it is only advisable that you too jump on the bank wagon and dress sportier to increase your aesthetics while maximizing your comfort level while working long hours jobs.

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