Best Clothes to Wear at Home

The current pandemic has seen the home become far more than just a place for you to relax. For a lot of people, it’s turned into an office, a gym, a nursery and a bakery all at once as all our usual activities converge into this one safe location. Lets see the best blothes to wear at home.

With us spending more time at home, it means that we need to be wearing more clothes that are suitable to the environment. Putting on office attire or ‘normal’ clothes may seem a bit odd these days and unnecessary as culturally, we have moved into a different way of dressing. With comfort and versatility now more important than ever, here some of the best clothes for you to wear while at home.

Clothes to Wear at Home

1. Shirts and Sweatshirts

When dressing to work from home, the most important thing is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Without having to dress to impress co-workers or bosses, when working from home, you now have the option to simply wear comfy shirts and sweatshirts, and it’s recommended that you do.

These items are extremely soft and are great for when you are either working, doing some chores, or just relaxing in front of a film. Furthermore, getting a nice, well fitted sweatshirt can also be great for dealing with digital meetings, as they provide great comfort while still looking professional. However, as the days begin to get hotter, it might be worth switching to short sleeve items, with tank tops becoming increasingly popular these days. You can choose cute outfits to wear.

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2. Pants and Shorts

Sweatpants are probably what 90% of the population are wearing already, but if you’re not, now’s the time to invest in some as they’re amazing versatility and comfort make them perfect garments for wearing at home. They’re equally as viable lounging in as they are doing exercise in – just don’t wear the same pair after going for a six mile run – smelly!

It’s best to invest in a good quality pair, to help them last longer and survive the inevitable huge amount of wear and tear they’re going to be put through. Thankfully you can get a discount on sweatpants, and various other clothing items with an Old Navy coupon.

Fitted sweatpants are a great option to help create a more put together silhouette, so that you can still look somewhat respectable when popping out for walks or trips to the store.

When going for shorts, be sure to splash out on ones that have antimicrobial material, as it helps keep them fresh, and reduces sweating and odour, making them less likely to stink and chafe. These are the one of the best clothes to wear at home.

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3. Accessories

Some great accessories to wear at home includes beanies, as they are a great way to make you feel more composed and hide your bed head. Another option is shoes, which many people think may not work well in an internal setting, however getting sheepskin shoes or slippers can add a new level of comfort to your routine. Be sure to get slippers that are durable and have tight stitching, as they’re likely to be worn way more often than usual during this time.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some proper gym wear, as these can really enhance your home workouts and runs.

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