Five Effective Brittle Nail Treatments

Properly manicured, healthy fingernails could enhance an individual’s aesthetic appearance. However, when nails become brittle and unhealthy, said bodily components could be unsightly and potentially even painful. Here some brittle nail treatments.

Continue reading to gain insight into brittle nails(1), the condition’s causes, possible complications, viable nail treatments, and potential preventative measures that individuals can employ to avoid future recurrences.


Brittle nails, known scientifically as onychoschizia(2), occurs when these systemic structures become easily damaged or breakable. Scientists break brittle nails down into two separate categories, dry and soft.

Causes Brittle Nail

Typically, dry nails are the result of said components experiencing depleted moisture levels. Often this occurrence is attributed to excessive hand washing and drying. Soft brittleness is often precipitated by excessive moisture from overexposure to lotions and creams.

 That said, in certain instances, brittle nails may be caused by more serious issues, including:

Iron Deficiencies

The body needs iron to produce a ferritin substance, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy and shiny nails.


The thyroids of individuals stricken with this disorder produce diminished quantities of thyroid hormone, which directly impacts nail health.

Raynaud’s Syndrome

This circulatory disorder impacts blood circulation to the nails and other bodily features.


Fingernails commonly grow thinner and more brittle as one ages.

Symptoms Brittle Nail

The condition is usually characterized by

  • easily breakable
  • thin
  • damaged nails
  • Sometimes, such injury could precipitate discomfort.


If not addressed, brittle nails could break easily and might increase one’s risk of developing infections.

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Brittle Nail Treatments

Specific treatment options will depend upon which category of brittle nails the individual in question is afflicted with and if some type of underlying health issue is in play. That said, five common therapeutic protocols include:

1. Applying Moisturizer

Dry, brittle nails might be alleviated through the application of moisturizing products. One commonly employed material is Vaseline. Best and easy brittle nail treatments.

2. Vitamin Supplementation

Nutrients, such as iron, zinc, calcium, Vitamins C and A, often prove critical to optimal nail health. That said, arguably the most important nutrient used in the battle against brittle nails is biotin(3).

Scientific studies have shown that women who increased their biotin intake experienced a 25 percent increase in nail thickness. Biotin is found in foods containing soy, in addition to bananas, oatmeal, peanuts and mushrooms.

 3. Avoiding Nail Polish, Hardeners And Other Enhancement Products

Products employed to perform manicures or other beautification procedures often contribute to nail damage and excessive moisture absorption. Medical and beautification experts maintain that the healthiest way to improve their nail’s aesthetic appearance is through proper trimming and moderate moisturizing.

4. Protect Hands

Simple efforts, like protecting one’s hands, often yield positive outcomes. Nail care experts recommend engaging in actions, such as wearing gloves in inclement and cold weather or when washing food serving utensils. Another preferred method of nail protection is to avoid washing one’s hands excessively. This will prevent moisture depletion.

5. Consume A Balanced Diet

In addition to ingesting supplements containing previously mentioned nutrients, healthcare providers, nutritionists and beauty experts opine that making certain dietary changes might resolve the problem. Specifically, brittle nail sufferers are encouraged to:

Eat Greater Quantities Of Protein

Nails are primarily comprised of a protein-based substance known as keratin. The consumption of protein-rich products, such as meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and dairy products, could help the body produce larger keratin concentrations.

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Consume More Iron

Like those seen in people with anemia, iron deficiencies can sometimes boost systemic levels of this vital nutrient. Appreciable amounts of iron are found in edibles, like red meat and spinach.


Fortunately, brittle nails may be preventable, provided individuals practice tips, including avoiding beautification enhancement products, maintaining trimmed, even nails, refraining from biting or picking at one’s nails and donning protective gear when performing chores, like dishwashing.

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