5 Reasons to Visit a Cryo Capsule

Cryo capsules are not chambers for the complete freezing of a person, as in Futurama. Despite the fact that in both cases liquid nitrogen is used, cryo capsules are intended for exposing the body to extreme cold for a short amount of time. The whole procedure lasts no more than two minutes, during which the temperature in the chamber drops to 284°F, without penetrating the body. 

The effect on the upper layers of the skin has a fruitful effect on the normalization of many biological processes. Below you can find the five reasons to try the cryo capsules on yourself.

1. You Are Overweight

The causes of excess weight can be different, as well as ways to deal with it. Someone sweats in the gyms, someone exhausts themselves with strict diets, and some even lie under the scalpel. However, there is an alternative way which is cryotherapy weight loss. The effectiveness of this painless and simple method is due to a reaction of the body to a sharp change in temperature. 

The surface vessels of the skin narrow, heat accumulates inside the body, blood flow to the internal organs increases, which in combination with a controlled stressful situation for the body causes fat burning. This process also stimulates the transition of white fat to brown. An average of 15 sessions burns about 3 kg of excess fat. This is a pretty impressive result that happens without physical effort for a total of 30 minutes!

2. You Have a High-Stress Level

External and internal stress factors over time undermine the nervous system and this really complicates life, but cryotherapy(1) can help with this. Under the influence of low temperatures, a powerful release of endorphins occurs, weakening the effect of stress factors. As a result, the body develops its own protective reaction, which helps to maintain calm even in extreme situations. Insomnia disappears, chronic fatigue, excessive irritability, and various obsessive thoughts pass.

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3. You Often Sick

An unexpected cold that returns regularly is a clear sign of a weakened immune system. It can be restored in different ways, from the use of fresh fruits to medications. But exist a method to do this without medications. Unlike conventional vaccination, cryotherapy uses only the internal resources of your body. 

Developed immunity will save you from a wide variety of infectious viruses and bacteria. Brief and sharp cooling makes the body activate its own “sleeping” reserves, conduct a complete self-diagnosis of all systems, and start a hormonal response to completely balance the body.

4. You Have Sore Joints

Extremely low temperatures stimulate lymphatic and venous outflows, reducing swelling and improving blood circulation. This helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and joints, starting recovery processes. Regular visits to the cryo benefits will allow teat such diseases as arthritis, arthrosis, and osteoporosis. 

Only 10-15 sessions and the patient forgets about sharp knee pain and discomfort in the joints for a long time. Cryotherapy is indicated not only for patients but also for absolutely healthy people since it eliminates the risk of the disease itself.

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5. You Have Skin Problems

This applies to people with such diseases as psoriasis, eczema, erythrocytosis, and atopic dermatitis. Lower temperature increases blood flow and saturates skin cells better, triggering regenerative processes. The course of cryotherapy makes the skin young and toned, eliminates dryness and peeling, promotes the production of collagen, increases its elasticity, removes puffiness, inflammation, and itching. 

It should be mentioned that areas particularly sensitive to cold are protected. These include the feet and hands. The face at the same time “looks out” from the capsule through a special window that is necessary for safe breathing. Health benefits of cryotherapy has a systemic effect and the face gets benefits too, even without touching the cold.

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