What is Gamer’s Thumb (Repetitive Stress Injury) and its Treatment?

Gamer’s Thumb is a very common injury prevalent in online Gamer’s these days. This condition is also caused by any activity that includes repetitive usage of the Thumb. Please read this article to know more about Gamer’s Thumb and its treatment.


You might already be aware of the trend of online gaming these days. It is a very common hobby for most of the youngsters in this era. Online gaming includes repetitive usage of the Thumb, thus causing the condition of the Gamer’s Thumb. Not just this but any other activity that involves highly frequent movement of the Thumb also causes Gamer’s Thumb.

Playing sports like tennis and badminton for a long time, writing for a long time, doing a job or a task which requires the usage of Thumb in any kind are all responsible for causing the Gamer’s Thumb.

Before taking the discussion further, we must first understand what a Gamer’s Thumb is and what happens if one develops a Gamer’s Thumb.

What is Gamer’s Thumb?

More precisely known as De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis(1), it occurs due to inflammation and irritation caused by repetitive stress in the tendons and the sheath around them. This condition causes pain and swelling in the base of your Thumb.

You may also experience difficulty while turning or flexing your wrist and while grasping or pinching things. In short, this issue can be very problematic. Before discussing the treatment of this condition, we must first know the possible causes.

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What Causes Gamer’s Thumb?

The main cause behind the occurrence of Gamer’s Thumb is not known with accuracy. Doctors hint towards repetitive usage of the Thumb to be the main cause.

Still, some other factors are considered to be the reason.

  1. Age- People in the age group of 30-50 have chances of developing Gamer’s Thumb.
  2. Motherhood- New mothers are highly likely to develop this condition. This is probably because they carry and take care of their baby all the time, which can cause a significant amount of stress in the Thumb.
  3. Gender- When it comes to gender, women are more likely to acquire the Gamer’s Thumb.
  4. Gaming-  People who play online games or games like tennis and badminton are also likely to develop stress in their thumbs, causing Gamer’s Thumb.

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How to Treat a Gamer’s Thumb?

With the advancement in the field of medical science, today we have no medical condition that cannot be treated. Gamer’s Thumb also has several ways of treatment. The type of treatment you should undergo completely depends on the severity of your condition. In this section, you will know about various treatments that are available for the Gamer’s Thumb. Check these out and go for the best option depending upon the severity.


Exercise for Gamer's Thumb

One of the best ways to find relief from Gamer’s Thumb is by exercises. You can perform light and easy exercise that includes stretching and flexing your wrist and Thumb. Regular exercise can help you relieve the pain.


Medications like naproxen and ibuprofen are highly recommended to remove the swelling. You might also fully recover if you start taking medications within six months of the appearance of symptoms. You can also try injecting steroids into the sheath that surrounds the tendon.

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Splint for Gamer's Thumb

A splint is a device that holds and protects a damaged tendon. Splints are usually recommended by doctors when the effect of the injury is moderate. You can use splint when you don’t have to perform any task or when you are resting.


The last option left after trying all the methods is surgery. If you go for surgery in time, you can completely get rid of the Gamer’s Thumb. Surgery is a good option, but the therapies required to recover from the surgery can cause some significant trouble.

We must present before you the best treatment available for this problem. It is highly recommended to use de Quervain tape to find relief from Gamer’s Thumb. It is an easy, inexpensive, and comfortable means of treating this problem.


Hopefully, this article was a great help. In Gamer’s thumb condition, a person experiences inflammation and irritation at the base of the Thumb. This condition can be troublesome depending upon the severity of the issue. Luckily, many treatments are available to address this condition. You can choose the treatment for your issue, depending upon how severe your condition is. A very efficient treatment of the Gamer’s Thumb is to use de Quervain tape. It is a very beneficial and inexpensive remedy to treat Gamer’s Thumb.

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