Healthy Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune systems are responsible for defending us against illness and infections. If you have been sick, then it means your immune system unfortunately failed. The goal, therefore, becomes to do what you can to make it more robust and reduce the incidence or severity of illness. This is especially important when trying to avoid chronic illnesses that can cause significant physical and mental pains and discomfort. As much as 51.8% of the US adult population suffers from one chronic condition. Before we consider what you can do to strengthen your immune system, let’s dig a little deeper into how this body system works.

How does your immune system work?

Many harmful invaders are looking to get into the human body and cause harm. These include bacteria, viruses, toxins, and fungi. The body’s innate immune system is the first line of defence against such intrusions. Once it detects their presence, it sends out immune system cells called phagocytes to destroy(1) the invaders. The body also has an acquired immune system that is made from antibodies created after it has suffered an infection or been immunized. When antibodies develop, they are better able to protect the body from future attacks.

Boost your immune system with herbs and supplements?

The immune system can be kept strong when supplied with the right nutrients. Certain vitamins and minerals play an important role in preserving and strengthening the immune system. Herbs like oregano, parsley and rosemary also contain helpful antiviral and antimicrobial properties that can boost immunity.

For many people, however, getting adequate amounts of these micronutrients from their diet can be difficult. This is where supplements can be of help. They should be taken consistently over a prolonged period for the best results. Building up and reinforcing a healthy immune system takes time and effort.

The following vitamins and minerals should be prioritized in order to enhance immunity:

  • To improve one’s dental health, vitamin B12 is a must.
  • Vitamin A aids in the maintenance of good eyesight.
  • The human body needs a variety of essential elements in order to function properly.
  • Vitamins D, K1, and E are also essential for optimum health.
  • Some of the best vitamins and minerals to prioritise in boosting immunity include:
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin E
    • Folic Acid
    • Zinc
    • Carbon 60
    • Selenium

Carbon 60 (C60) is unique as it is a supplement whose properties deliver a powerful antioxidant effect that cannot be easily matched by any natural foods. Most of the vitamins and minerals indicated above contain some level of antioxidants, but at a lower level. The C60 definition comes from its composition of 60 carbon atoms that come together into a spherical molecule that takes the shape of a hollow soccer ball. Unlike the other vitamins and minerals listed, it cannot be sourced from natural foods, hence the need to take it as a daily supplement to enjoy its benefits.

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Is C60 good for your immune system?

C60 is known for being a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants combat free radicals that can cause cell damage through oxidative stress. This protection is vital against many diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and more. When they neutralise free radicals, overall health is improved. Ensuring a good intake of antioxidants is an efficient way to deal with this problem.

Plant based foods are a good source of antioxidants. However, not many people get enough fruits and vegetables. The supplement C60 offers a purer and more efficient source of antioxidants that is several hundred times more powerful than any food source. With the resulting boosted health, people can suffer fewer illnesses, less intense inflammations, improved physical performance, longevity, and better hair and skin conditions.

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What can you do to protect your immune system?

1. Eat more whole plant foods

Plant sources are great for boosting antioxidant levels. They are also rich in other vitamins and minerals that can help build a strong immune system. Whole plant food sources are also more efficiently digested and should be a cornerstone of any healthy diet. They can also help resolve other health conditions caused by excessive intake of animal proteins, like high cholesterol.

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2. Limit added sugars

Sugar has been found to suppress the immune system. This effect can last for several hours after consumption. Unfortunately, there are so many hidden sugars we do not realize in our foods. Particularly anything that is processed like soda, cookies, pizza, salad dressings, and much more. While you do not need to entirely eliminate sugar from your diet, you should be more aware of the ingredients in your cooking and processed foods. Check labels to what level of sugar you are ingesting and keep it moderate.

3. Get regular sleep patterns

Many important body processes occur when you sleep. This includes your immune system developing infection-fighting molecules. Those that lack adequate sleep often find it harder to fight off infections. Getting sufficient rest will be a boost to your health and immunity. This should be regularly done for optimal health. C60 is a helpful sleep aid that helps to alleviate physical and mental stress. It allows you to better relax and control circadian rhythms for a proper sleep cycle.

4. Engage in moderate exercise

Moderate exercise can be a big help in boosting your defence system. It relieves stress, promotes better sleep, and aids digestion. From going on long walks to swimming, just devoting 30 minutes a day to exercise can help improve your overall health and immunity.

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5. Manage your stress levels

Stress can have a detrimental effect on the immune system. The more heightened or chronic it is, the harder it becomes for your body to fight off infections. This immunity-suppressing effect requires that you learn how to relieve stress. The solution can be different depending on the person. Exercise, sleep, meditation, and therapy, an active lifestyle, and getting a higher education are just some of the ways to accomplish this. Try different options to figure out what works best for your health.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet can be the biggest contributors to a strong immune system. Depending on your health condition, you will want to evaluate the quality and quantity of foods that you eat and how much physical activity you engage in. Think of how to incorporate healthier choices and the sooner you do, the sooner you will see a positive impact on your health.

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