How To Quit Drugs: 7 Proven Strategies That Can Help You


Fighting a drug addiction issue is never easy. Overcoming the same can help you live a normal and happy life as an individual. You need to know that through this article- WE WANT TO HELP YOU QUIT DRUGS. 

Let us begin the article by appreciating your efforts to quit drugs. Congratulations, you are on the right track. We know how incredibly difficult it can be to start reaching out or seeking help. However, if you can do that, nothing can stop you on the road to good health and happiness.

You first need to know that all drugs are dangerous and have far-reaching implications on your mental and physical health. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol, cigarettes, opioids, or even painkillers foster dependency, and sustained usage can turn you into an addict.

If you have been consuming drugs, you might have noticed one of the following two things-

  1. You need to consume before you can start with your normal day-to-day activities
  2. When you don’t consume for an extended time frame, your brain starts craving it

In this resource article on quitting drugs, we are going to look at seven proven strategies that can help you overcome the problem. However, we will first highlight signs that should prove to you that you have a drug addiction problem.

How to Recognize that you have a Drug Addiction Problem?

Before we get to the list of proven strategies that can help you quit drugs, you need to ask yourself a question- Do you have a Drug Addiction Problem?

You might turn around and say that pinpointing the same with accuracy is not as easy as it sounds. This is why in this section, we are going first to help you recognize whether a drug addiction problem exists in the first place or not.

We are trying to frame these signs in the form of questions. Try to answer them and then make an informed assessment-

Have you lately given up on your hobbies or activities that interested you before?

Drugs are powerful in that they suddenly become an individual’s most preferred activity. If you have given up things you loved or were quite interested in, maybe you have a drug problem to contend with. Drugs replace everything special in our lives in a short period.

Are you losing focus in areas like studies or work that are making you miss deadlines?

Lack of attention, concentration, and focus are common side-effects of consuming drugs. Individuals who start consuming regularly tend to lose focus and cannot devote attention to their work or studies. This forces them to miss deadlines and seek extensions.

Is there an unexpected urge to keep everything secret from your near and dear ones?

Individuals that do drugs are mindful of the social consequences of their actions. They know that as an activity, this is not acceptable. This makes them secretive about everything in their life. Where they are going, who they are meeting, what they have in their room, etc.

Once you can answer these questions, you can pursue treatment plans and recovery centers. Here’s a great place to get started.

List of 7 Proven Strategies to Help You Quit Drugs

Acknowledge that you have a Drug Problem- 

The first step when quitting drugs is, to begin with, an acknowledgment of the problem. If you have replied in the affirmative to any of the questions mentioned in the last section, you have a problem. This will help you take the next steps, specifically reaching out to trained professionals and specialist recovery centres. Quitting is a complex problem for everyone.

Confide your drug problem with someone who understands you- 

Most often, individuals that want to quit do not wish to share their problems with anyone else. They feel that others will judge them. This is a wrong assumption. People who care for you will always be supportive of your efforts. People who love you will accompany you to your rehab sessions and detox programs. You cannot do it alone, where people can help.

Develop a healthy daily regimen with plenty of exercises- 

Exercising regularly helps release positive hormones that counter the negative effects of drugs. Working out programs like cycling, swimming, or running act as a positive distraction and help your body develop strength. Drug use weakens the body, and sticking to a regular fitness regimen can prove invaluable when looking to quit drugs.

Avoid environments and circles that seem to encourage drug use- 

In almost every instance, individuals that have started using drugs have been introduced to it by others. It can be a particular nightclub or group of individuals who actively use it. By avoiding the same physical spots and group of people, you will give yourself a fighting chance to resist the urge to consume drugs. Over a period, this will help you quit this habit completely.

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Seek help from professional experts and recovery centers- 

Quitting can be a tough process, especially if you have become addicted to drugs. In such cases, checking into a recovery treatment centre, which runs specialized custom-made rehab and detox programs, can help. Make sure to choose the right recovery centres and discuss treatment plans, payment, and insurance coverages. Do proper research in this regard.

Distract yourself with positive hobbies and develop new interest areas- 

You need to replace drugs in your life with a healthy hobby or activity that is stimulating enough for your brain. Explore hobbies that appeal to you and help you stay distracted for longer durations. Some people get a pet, go on hikes and devote their time and attention to their upbringing and care. This helps them attach themselves to meaningful purposes and ends.

Start caring and loving yourself more than ever before- 

Drug users suffer from low self-esteem. This makes them give up on taking care of their appearance. Do not do this. Start focusing on looking and feeling better. Go for those salon sessions, work out, eat better and do everything that makes you happy (except drugs). Only when you start loving yourself will your self-esteem and confidence build.

The Final Takeaway

Every individual looking to quit drugs needs to understand that the process ultimately begins and ends with them. Unless you want to, no one will be able to help you out. By following all the seven strategies mentioned in the article, you will give yourself a fighting chance to quit drugs. If you have any specific questions, you would like us to answer, please let us know in the comments below.

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