5 Reasons Why Some People Cough More In The Summer

Have you ever noticed yourself reaching for your cough control medicine more often than usual during the summer months and wondered why that might be? Although everyone’s immune system is different, and taking supplements such as Brillia health for allergies can help soothe symptoms, some people indeed do cough more during the summertime. If you’ve been experiencing more coughing during this time, here are five potential explanations that could be behind your cough.

Reasons for Dry Cough in Summer

More Allergens May Be in the Air

It’s no secret that the summer season is when all the greenery around you flowers and comes back to life. Unfortunately, the extra plants may mean additional allergens are floating around in the air. If you have allergies, any of the following common allergens that tend to be higher during the summer may be to blame for your increased coughing.

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Pet dander

Asthma Sufferers May Be Affected by Heat or Humidity

You already know that summertime heat and humidity can make you feel hot and sweaty, but did you know that it might also be one of the most common causes of a cough? Unfortunately, this is especially true if you have asthma(1). Summer humidity may make it tougher to breathe correctly, leading to coughing and similar symptoms.

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The Summer Season May Foster an Unhealthier Lifestyle

Although you may think of the fall and winter months as flu season, the truth is that it’s possible to catch a cold or another illness during the summertime as well. In fact, during flu season, you’re likely to consume more vitamins and maintain a healthier lifestyle to avoid getting sick. On the flip side, the summertime tends to be associated with indulgence and an unhealthier lifestyle, which in turn can take a toll on your immune system and may even lead to symptoms such as coughing. Telltale signs of a slip in healthy living standards during the summer include:

  • A poorer diet
  • Less sleep
  • Less exercise

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Excessive Air Conditioning Could Lead to Dry Throats

For many people, summer temperatures mean it’s time to turn up the air conditioning. While AC can provide pleasant relief from excessive outdoor heat, too much AC can also be drying. If you’ve been cranking up the air conditioning in your home and noticing a persistent cough, your AC could be causing a dry, itchy throat and subsequent coughing.

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Warm Temperatures Could Cause More Dust Mites

Finally, it’s worth noting that when temperatures are warmer, dust mites may breed more. Unfortunately for those with a heightened sensitivity to dust, this could mean more dust in the air and your lungs. To help filter out potential dust particles in the air, it may be helpful to wear a face mask when going out during peak temperature hours during the daytime.

From increased heat and humidity to higher rates of allergens in the air to drying air conditioning and more, there are several reasons why some people may cough more than usual during the summer months. If you believe you’ve been experiencing a more persistent cough during the summertime, review these potential reasons carefully and consult your doctor to find solutions.

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