7 Health Tips for Summer 2021

After some of us have spent more than a year indoors, the summer months are welcomed with open arms. Public swimming pools are opening back up, splash pads are flowing once again, and picnic tables at parks are no longer taped off. Warm weather is upon us, and we’re ready to get out and play. However, we must take necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe now and in the future. Keep reading for seven health tips to have a healthy and safe summer.

Health Tips for Summer

Stay Hydrated

It doesn’t matter if you live in a climate where the summer temperatures max out at 85 degrees or 115 degrees, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Most places around the US see summertime temperatures that are in stark contrast to those of the winter, which means that summer will feel hot and you’re going to sweat more. Be sure to replenish your body with hydrating fluids like water or low-calorie sports drinks.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

When we say replenish your body with fluids, we do not mean drink more alcohol. It is counterproductive and keeps your body from hydrating. Alcohol is a diuretic(1), which means that it causes liquids to get pushed through your body at a faster rate. If you’re only drinking alcoholic beverages without any extra water, your body will dehydrate much quicker than without it. A day spent drinking in the sun will have you dehydrated before you know what happened.

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Wear Sunscreen

While you’re out in the sun enjoying your time with friends and family, you must apply sufficient sunscreen. People in some regions of the country will be more at risk for sunburns than others, but everyone must use it. A bad sunburn will not only make life difficult for as long as two or three weeks, and it increases your risk of skin cancer. Sunburns are caused by UV rays that absorb into your skin, and even one sunburn can cause enough damage to the DNA in your skin cells to put you at an increased risk.

Get Rest

Whether it’s because your kids are out of skill or you’re taking advantage of longer daylight hours, it’s not uncommon to have your sleep schedule thrown off during the summer. You must continue to get the rest at night that you’ve been getting during the months before. Not only is this what you’ve become accustomed to, but your body also needs rest to recover from being out in the sun more often. Additionally, when it comes to getting your sleep at night, be sure that you’ve closed your blinds or curtains enough to block out the morning sun. You can lose quality sleep early in the morning if you’re not typically up before sunrise each day.

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Be Social

There’s no better time than the summer to get out with friends and enjoy a picnic at the park or a day at the lake. Get outdoors and spend time with friends and family. It’s not uncommon to find free activities for school-aged children and farmers’ markets. We, as humans, are social creatures, so we need interaction to help us keep a positive mental state. Take advantage of good weather and be social.

Use Bug Spray

With warm weather comes bugs. Keep you, your family, and your friends safe by using bug spray. Bugs like ticks and mosquitoes love to come out during summer evenings looking for a host. These pests will leave annoying bites and their vectors for diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, West Nile virus, and many others. It’s recommended that you stay protected with bug sprays that use DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE), or IR3535.

These are effective in keeping mosquitoes away and are environmentally safe. You can also keep ticks and mosquitoes away by hiring pest control services to spray your yard. If you’re worried about your health after getting bug bites, you can contact your primary care physician or get a telemedicine appointment with a clinic like https://daiyahealthcare.com/.

Get Moving

Don’t let the warm summer weather pass you by without getting out and getting moving. Take advantage of the sunshine and go for a walk or do yoga outdoors. Keep your body moving to get your blood flowing. When your body is moving, the strength of your heart improves, and you’re helping to push antibodies through your lymph system. Furthermore, you have a chance to get outside and fill your lungs with fresh air. Your house can get stuffy and congested when you’re indoors all day with the air conditioning running. Taking in some outside perspective will help more fully dilate your lungs and improve your ability to clean out pathogens and toxins.

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