Benefits of foam rolling: Reasons to use muscle recovery equipment

Foam rolling is arguably one of the best things you can do for your muscle health. As many people argue that muscle recovery and recovery days are much more effective than the actual workout itself, foam rollers are an incredible piece of equipment to aid in the muscle recovery process. There are many benefits of foam rolling to keep your body and muscles healthy, and this article sheds light on just a few of them.

The benefits of foam rolling

This muscle recovery technique uses a combination of pressure and movement to stimulate the blood flow in the muscle. Once you have completed a workout, or are feeling a little achy, using muscle recovery equipment can help ease some soreness and allow you to walk up those stairs with ease! If you are not yet familiar with this foam rolling trend, and are wondering what they are, you will probably have seen people rolling around on them in the gym without even registering it.

Whether you are a runner, a swimmer, or generally suffer from aches and pains, the world of muscle recovery equipment has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. As years ago, vibration plates were the latest trend  that burned approximately 200-500 per hour, there’s now an influx of innovative new vibration technology to work those muscles. All of these new types of equipment can have the following benefits:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased circulation
  • Easing muscle soreness.

1. Improved flexibility

With continued use, foam rolling can improve flexibility(1). As foam rolling works by loosening and stretching the muscles, if you pair foam rolling with static stretching, flexibility can greatly improve over time. Being flexible means you’ll be less likely to suffer from muscle related injuries and your overall athletic performance should improve.

If you are an avid fitness goer, you’ll be sure to know that injuries can be a massive set back-along your fitness journey, so improving your flexibility and keeping your muscles in good shape will help to reduce the possibility of injuries arising.

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2. Increased mobility

If you have knots and tension in the muscles, this can restrict your general mobility in everyday life. By breaking down those knots using a foam roller, this allows the muscles to function correctly again and in time will improve overall mobility.

After everyone has done a gruelling workout, no matter what it is, DOMS, also known as delayed onset muscle soreness, always creeps up on you. However, having healthy and loose muscles basically means you can move much more easily.

3. Improved range of motion

Similar to mobility, range of motion can be affected if the muscles are tight. Range of motion refers to the joint and its extent of movement, rather than the muscle itself. Range of motion can be influenced by the soft tissue that surrounds the joint. This soft tissue can shorten over time due to lack of stretching.

If you’ve ever been to the gym two consecutive days in a row without proper stretching, you might often feel like trying to perform movements is rather difficult. We recommend always leaving time for your body to recover and the soft tissue surrounding the joints to return back to normal before you lift weights or perform certain exercises again.

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4. Increased circulation

The foam roller works by stimulating blood flow, which results in increased circulation around the body and into the muscles. Increased circulation means your lungs, heart, and muscles function efficiently. It’ll also help you to fight off and avoid potential illnesses.

By increasing your circulation, you are also going to burn many more calories. If weight loss is on your 2020 agenda, using muscle recovery equipment can also contribute to your weight loss journey and help you shed extra pounds. Not only this, but you’ll also make your body feel great by giving your muscles the much needed TLC that they require to help you reach your fitness goals.

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5. Easing muscle soreness

Muscle tissue becomes inflamed and can actually tear when you take part in high intensity activities, which is why foam rolling is typically performed after a workout(2). Foam rolling can help to repair muscle tissue and ease inflammation, which means you won’t feel so sore after exercise.

As everyone knows that muscle soreness can leave you hating the gym, or any type of workout that you participate in, easing muscle soreness can help you enjoy your workout routine that little bit more. By working those muscles post exercise, you’ll feel much much better the day after.

Investing in a foam roller could be the best thing for your muscle health! You could also try a vibrating foam roller to experience the same benefits with less physical effort.

Start foam rolling today

Now that you know all of the benefits of foam rolling, there’s no better time to take your muscle recovery to the next level.

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