Benefits of Hot Yoga for Weight Loss 

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Hey, I think I want to start losing weight today.”? If you did, then that’s a good start. Everything begins with an intention. Deciding to lose weight, however, is easier said than done.

Shedding pounds can be incredibly challenging, especially for those who have a slow metabolism. It’s even difficult for those who find it hard to be consistent in the methods they need to take to achieve their goal. If you want to be in better shape, you need to have the right mindset and attitude.

But most of all, you need the right exercise to help you get there. There are plenty of workouts meant to burn calories hot yoga is one of the best.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about hot yoga’s benefits for weight loss.

Wait, yoga can help me lose pounds? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

Yoga may be a slow-paced, relaxing type of workout that’s meant to make us flexible. However, yoga is so much more than that. It has been so popular worldwide and practiced by many shows how yoga is an important addition to a healthy lifestyle. It does so many wondrous things to the mind and body, plus—it’s meant for all types of people.

Weight loss is not an exemption to yoga’s positive effects. According to this study, adding a yoga practice to a 6-month weight loss program is ideal for obese or overweight. It is important to remember, however, not to rely solely on the power of yoga alone. It is still important to take other steps to lose weight faster such as engaging in more physical activities and maintaining a healthy diet.

Yoga is important because it brings many benefits that you would not commonly find in other types of exercises. It’s meant to touch aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual health, helping us achieve the body we are aiming for better.

Is hot yoga the best for weight loss?

The great thing about yoga is that it has many faces. It isn’t focused on achieving just one goal or catering to just one type of person. There’s a relaxing type of yoga, and there’s yoga for improved strength and endurance. There’s yoga for different types of people such as preggos, kids, seniors, etc. At this point, it seems that there isn’t anything yoga isn’t meant for.

But of course, in line with our main topic, yoga helps with weight loss. The types of yoga affiliated with losing weight are mostly Vinyasa yoga and Hot yoga (or Bikram yoga). Hot yoga is wherein a series of 26 postures are being executed in a room heated to 105° Fahrenheit. You can imagine the sweat you will be producing after stretching and twisting your body in an oven-like environment.

Hot yoga is one of the yoga styles that can help you burn the most calories. A normal 60-minute hot yoga class can burn up to 429 calories.

If you are wondering how hot yoga helps with weight loss, check out the reasons below!

The benefits of hot yoga for weight loss—how this workout will help you improve your body image 

Losing weight isn’t just about moving around vigorously and sweating. There are lots of factors to consider when you are trying to shed some pounds. Listed below are the benefits of hot yoga when it comes to weight loss:

It will burn many calories.

The combination of doing the deep stretches and being in a room with a high temperature will certainly get your heart rate up. Doing the entire 26 postures will increase the number of calories you burn, leading to weight loss.

It improves your flexibility. 

Yoga does not require the students to be flexible, it teaches them how to be! Doing the yoga poses will become much easier as your muscles relax, expanding your range of motion. As you become more flexible, you can avoid muscle strains and risk other types of injuries. This opens doors to you engaging in many other physical activities to lose weight.

It increases your detoxification and circulation.

Hot yoga will get you sweating like crazy. Sweat is a natural part of the body’s detoxification process, so the more you perspire, the more you detoxify. This will get rid of the impurities and unwanted toxins in the body. Furthermore, hot yoga boosts circulation and improves the functioning of your cardiovascular system.

It reduces stress. 

Sometimes when we feel stressed, we tend to overindulge in eating. Food is an easy escape or distraction from the things that weigh us down. Fortunately, yoga is a much better alternative to reducing stress. It helps relax our muscles and minds, thankfully releasing us from the tension that we can get from problems at work, school, or even at home.

It develops mindfulness. 

Losing weight isn’t just about pushing our bodies to the limit but also knowing how to listen to what it needs. Yoga teaches the aspect of mindfulness. It develops our ability to become aware of our body and how to nourish it properly. Becoming more mindful will help us have more self-control over the things that can harm our health.

Are you ready to lose weight with hot yoga?

Weight loss doesn’t just change how we look; it alters how we live. It is important to understand that having a healthy and positive body image doesn’t mean you have to be super thin. What matters is that you have a balanced mind and body that knows what they need to thrive. It is the perfect addition to other exercises, physical activities, and diets that you are maintaining to burn calories.

Practicing hot yoga will improve your strength, focus, and many other things—but the most important is that it will teach you how to love yourself the right way.

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