Doctor Advice the Best Method for Circumcision

Circumcision is a medical procedure to remove the foreskin surgically. We all know that before becoming a common surgical procedure, circumcision also holds religious values. This reassures that the positive effects of circumcision outnumber the possible negatives.

Over the years, the method of circumcision has evolved a lot and a number of new procedures have come into existence. Therefore, before going for the surgical procedure, it is better to do a little research and ask the experts about the different procedures, so that you can make the best decision.

So if you too are wondering which circumcision procedure to choose, this blog will resolve your doubts. Here, we will inform you about the circumcision methods available and also tell you about the best circumcision method according to an experienced doctor.

The different methods for circumcision

There are a variety of circumcision(1) procedures available. Some of these are conventional and the others are relatively more modern and technologically advanced. Following are the three major techniques used for circumcision surgery.

Open Circumcision: Open circumcision is the conventional surgical procedure for removing the foreskin. In this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions along the length of the foreskin and then removes it. It is a quite invasive and complex procedure and may involve a high risk of infections and postoperative complications.

ZSR Circumcision: ZSR circumcision is a modern circumcision technique in which the surgeon uses a special surgical stapler to remove the foreskin layer from the penis. It is a lesser invasive procedure as compared to open circumcision. But still it is a little complex and may involve a little pain and bleeding.

Laser Circumcision: Laser circumcision is the most technologically advanced procedure for circumcision. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a high-intensity laser beam to remove the layer of foreskin without making any incisions or cuts. It is a very simple and non-invasive procedure.

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What is the best method for circumcision?- Doctor’s Advice

Dr. Inder Nath Verma is a urologist at Pristyn Care, Delhi. When asked about the best circumcision method, he said, “ A lot of people come to me with questions regarding circumcision procedures. When a surgical procedure involves the removal of an entire layer of skin from the penis, it is quite normal to be a little apprehensive and scared. Most patients ask me about painless and effective circumcision procedures.

Currently, the best and most effective method for circumcision is ZSR and laser-based circumcision. Both the procedures have a number of advantages over the other circumcision procedures. There is no requirement of any major cuts or stitches and the procedures are 100% pain-free for the patient. No bleeding is involved and there is no risk of intraoperative or postoperative complications.”

The doctor further mentions, “ Moreover, unlike other procedures, laser and ZSR circumcision are performed on an outpatient basis which means that you can avoid the long hospital stays. There is minimal swelling and pain after the procedure and that too subsides in a day or too. The modern surgery has a high success rate and the patient recovers completely in less than a week.”

Now that you know about the modern circumcision methods that are safe, you must also know about the complexities of open circumcision. This will help you in being even more sure while making the choice for the circumcision procedure to undergo.

Negatives Associated with Open Circumcision

Here are the negatives associated with open circumcision that Dr. Inder Nath shares:

  • Extensively invasive in nature with a long difficult recovery period.
  • The patient cannot resume his normal life routine for like 3-4 weeks and has to be really cautious.
  • Lots of intraoperative bleeding is involved. This makes the open circumcision all the more unpleasant
  • The patient may experience bleeding, swelling and pain for about 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • There is a considerable risk of infections and other complications like meatitis.

Which is the Right Place to Undergo Laser or ZSR Circumcision?

Both the circumcision methods are quite convenient with a very short downtime. This means that you do not need to take out much time from your busy schedules to undergo circumcision. Therefore, it is the most convenient and safest option for people residing in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. This is the reason why many surgeons and hospitals are now switching to the modern circumcision methods.

Since a number of hospitals offer the laser and ZSR circumcision procedures, it won’t be very difficult for you to find a hospital to undergo circumcision in Delhi. However, one of the key factors for ensuring a safe and successful treatment is to choose the right hospital and the right doctor.

If you are thinking of getting circumcised and are looking for a good specialist for the procedure, you can contact Pristyn Care. They are associated with some of the most experienced doctors and best hospitals all over the country. All the surgeries offered by Pristyn Care are approved by the United States Foods and Drugs Administration (USFDA), you can rely on them without any second thoughts.

The Conclusion

Getting circumcised is obviously a big personal decision. But a well-informed and thorough decision can save you from the inconveniences and the troubles of the surgery. So when you consult your doctor, make sure that you ask questions and clear all your doubts so that the treatment procedure is absolutely hassle-free.

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