An Essential Beginner’s Guide to Partial Circumcision

Sometimes patients undergo surgeries although they are complete surgeries the procedure is partial. These can be called minor surgeries as well. There are a few organs on which this partial surgery can be conducted. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose this kind of surgical procedure if you are in need of proper operation. Everything knows about partial circumcision!

How is Partial Circumcision Distinct from adult circumcision surgery?

There are many problems that your penis can face. Some of them can be solved by simple safety measures but others can only be cured by a surgical procedure. But the most important thing to note here is that not all complications are solved with adult circumcision surgery but another method can be used.

Adult Circumcision Surgery

In a normal circumcision surgery, the doctor removes a lot of skin from the penis. This procedure is mostly done at birth time but there are other causes for the surgery as well. The surgeon uses different tools and methods to remove a large length of the foreskin from the penis.

Partial Circumcision

The procedure of partial circumcision(1) starts by understanding that only a small amount of skin is removed from the head of the penis. In this, only the tip of the head is exposed and the corona or the base of the head is uncovered. This partial surgery is done only for medical purposes.

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The Detailed Process of Partial Circumcision

The circumcision doctor will provide you with some pre-surgical instructions that you must follow. The surgery can be performed by administering any kind of anesthesia. Cleaning the penis is the first step, and then the skin is marked. The scalpel is used to remove the desired skin and lastly, the surgeon stitches the wound.

Reasons for Undergoing Partial Circumcision

If patients don’t want to have the full circumcision surgery then they have a choice of partial circumcision as well. Many people don’t want to have the entire skin removed but they also need to have a nice and good looking penis. For them, partial circumcision surgery can be a good choice.

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Aesthetic is the Motivation

Many men want their penis to look natural but at the same time fear about the different problems that are associated with an uncircumcised penis. They conceal their health concerned reasons and focus more on how they can look nice and attract others to them. Their only motivation is looking desirable and alluring.

Treatment of Phimosis

If you are having problems in your foreskin like you are unable to pull the skin back from the head; then you are suffering from phimosis. The skin may feel tight around the head of the penis and you experience extreme pain. Surgery is the last resort when other treatments have failed.

Curing Paraphimosis

The dorsal slit is a kind of partial circumcision surgery that you can have from any good clinic or medical institute such as Circumcision Center. This is a very effective method when it comes to curing Paraphimosis(2). It is a process in which the skin can’t be pulled over the tip of the penis.

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The problem of Balanitis

This problem is directly related to the occurrence of phimosis and Paraphimosis. Both conditions result in the development of infections and irritation of the skin on the head of the penis. When the head of the penis is free from complications then Balanitis can never develop. It can be very painful but not life-threatening.

Helping in Infections

There is sometimes a white and thick substance that is created underneath the foreskin. It is a common thing and is not dangerous but when men don’t clean it; it can become a health problem. If not properly cleaned bacteria tend to grow; which eventually makes the penis swell and it can hurt a lot.

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Are there any complications?

Although it is partial circumcision; but the complications and risks are just like the normal circumcision surgery for adults.

  1. The bleeding will not cease,
  2. Severe infection in the circumcised area.
  3. There is a lot of pain.
  4. The penis will become fragile.
  5. The stitches will stop to disappear.

The Recovery Time

Several of the patients can go home on the same day of the surgery; even a few hours afterward. But there are some cases where patients have been kept longer under supervision.  The usual time that takes to recover is 6 weeks, but some could take longer. It is advised to follow the instructions given by the doctor carefully.

What to do during the healing process?

There are a few precautions that you should and must take during the recovery time. This will quicken the healing process.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly if you feel irritation on the penis.
  2. Washing the penis with little warm water is necessary.
  3. Avoid all rigorous activities for 4 weeks.
  4. Don’t be in a hurry to take off the stitches.

At what time to visit the doctor?

Like adult circumcision surgery; the partial one also needs a doctor even after the surgical procedure. If you experience extreme pain, bleeding, bad smell, swelling, and abnormal discharge then it is compulsory that you immediately visit the doctor.

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