How to Give a Penis Massage

You may have pussy massage and feels joy when your partner gives it. Do you through the same pleasure can give to your partner with penis massage? Here is the information about penis massage or dick massage.

Your partner will enjoy penis massage, and the ending will be awesome.

Penis massage is different from blowjob.

It is different from the blowjob. In this, there is no expectation. If you have a question about how to give a blowjob, then you can use hand and mouth. But in penis massage, depends on the partner you can use hands or mouth.

The partner can relax and lie to enjoy the penis massage.

Basics of Penis Massage

1. Use Lots of Oil or Lubricant

To minimize or avoid friction, apply a lot of lubrication before penis massage. For massage techniques need oil for smooth and feel better. You can see videos on how to perform penis massage techniques.

Tips to Noted:

  • You can use coconut oil or sweet almond oil.
  • Avoid Water-Based Lubricant
  • If you are giving handjob, you can sue saliva, but for penis, massage is not enough
  • Always keep a towel nearby you

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2. Whole Package

While you are performing penis massage, don’t forget the balls. If we explore the penis(1), you can see the shaft, scrotum, the frenulum and the head. You can see while you are doing penis massage.

3. Explore the Penis

Penis massage is a slow process. First Familia with partner body and trace ou the points of where he reacts. Start with your finds and slow perform.

4. You Can Use Toys

Some partners are comfortable with the sex toy for more extra sensations. You can use penis sleeve while massaging.

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Happy Ending?

You could give the best penis or cock massage to your partner. If your partner is expecting more, then you can have a slow blowjob for a happy ending. Use your best massage hand job skills for a happy ending after penis massage.

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Bottom Line

Penis massage is quite different from blowjob. It is a slow process and the best relaxing technique to your partner. Always use oil lubes for a massage to avoid friction. This helps to build strong relationship bonding.

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