What are the Benefits of Mobile Spa?

Many people turn to massage therapy and other spa services for stress relief and soothing relaxation. Through these services, you can feel rejuvenated and mentally calm. According to recent studies, spa services also provide multiple health benefits beyond these feelings of relaxation. Let’s see Benefits of Mobile Spa.

In fact, spa treatments help customers fight depression, relieve pain, detoxify the body and maintain good health. They also reduce nausea, fatigue and swelling. These are just some of the benefits of going to a traditional spa or receiving mobile spa treatments.

Major Benefits of Mobile Spa

As said above, going to the spa provides many physical and mental health benefits. The same is true for mobile spa treatments. Beyond the aforementioned health effects, you can also aid your recovery from digestive problems, myofascial pain, insomnia, TMJ pain, fibromyalgia, and soft tissue injuries by going to a spa. These treatments boost your immune system, too.

Enjoying these spa service benefits proves easier than ever before. You have many spas to choose from in your local area. To add to your convenience, you also can choose to have a mobile treatment spa come to you. These services are becoming more popular with each passing day. They all of the services you typically receive in a traditional brick-and-mortar location, but with greater convenience.

Thanks to mobile treatment offerings, you can have a professional massage, pedicure, facial, manicure or other services provided in your own home. Some spas also have their own mobile facilities, pulling up to your curb and providing what you need in their capsule environment.

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But why take advantage of mobile services like these instead of going to a traditional spa? Below are some of the benefits of “going mobile” for your treatments:

  • Lower price than traditional spa services
  • Easy to work into your schedule anytime and anywhere
  • Experiencing luxury spa services in your own private setting
  • No traffic, parking or other hassles
  • Easily fits into your hectic schedule

Each mobile salon or spa offers its own menu of services. These typically include a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Stone therapy
  • Facials
  • Pedicures and manicures
  • Hair removal services
  • Anti-ageing treatments
  • Makeup
  • Eyebrow tinting

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Benefits of Mobile Treatments for the Workplace

Mobile treatments from your local spa are not just available in your home setting or neighbourhood. You can also enjoy the benefits of these services in the workplace.

Employees experience a great deal of workplace stress daily. This stress comes from deadlines, long hours, client interaction, repetitive tasks, technological requirements for the job and just sitting at a desk all day. As a result, employees frequently experience eye strain, headaches, backaches, neck pain and other mental and physical health conditions.

Offering spa services in the workplace provides employees with the opportunity to step away from their stress for a short period and gain some relief. The Bureau of Labor and Industries reports that employees perform better when offered health and wellness programs.

In fact, companies offering 15-minute massages for their workers note fewer employee health complaints and lower turnover rates. The University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute indicates that massage enhances on-the-job alertness and performance.

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Consider the benefits of workday massage offered on a mobile treatment basis in the workplace. These benefits for employees include:

  • Reduced anxiety, fatigue(1) and stress
  • Prevention of repetitive-use injuries
  • Decreased muscle tension and pain
  • Enhanced problem solving and decision making
  • Improved creative thinking and alertness
  • Better immunity to common colds, viruses and flu
  • Improved job satisfaction and company loyalty

 Benefits for the employer include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced environmental stress
  • Improved employee retention
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved morale and performance
  • Lower healthcare and worker’s compensation costs
  • Improved overall workplace health
  • Stressful project relief

With so many benefits resulting from on-the-job spa treatments, there is no reason to not have these professionals visit your workplace.

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