What is Asian Table Shower?

Asian table shower is similar to the Vichy shower. It is a way to cleanse the body before a massage. In this process, the water splashed on the body to cleanse open pores and skin.

A table shower is a spa service involving a waterproof table where water is gently poured over the recipient. This treatment is often part of a cleansing and relaxing spa experience. It’s essential to choose reputable establishments with licensed practitioners to ensure professionalism and legality. Always prioritize your safety and well-being when considering spa or massage services. If in doubt, seek services from establishments with clear and transparent practices.

Asian Table Shower


Before going to a table shower, you should remove your clothes and enter into a room where one or more flat tables available. After Bathing, you will direct to the table shower room and you should lay first on your stomach or back.

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Temperature of Water

When you go for a table shower, water temperature depends on how you choose. It may cold, warm or hot then the water splashed on your body several times.

Table Shower in Asian Spas

Most of the Thai, Korean, and Japanese pas offer the table shower. Some of the European and Western spas offer the Asian table shower.

Common Treatments

The Asian table shower is commonly used with Korea spa treatment such as body scrub and Japanese spa treatments called akasuri (salt scrub). In the dead skin remove by using coarse mitts.

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Tips and Warning

In some Asian table shower with massage parlours may offer sex and Asian massage handjob. So, before making an appointment for a table shower take caution and directly contact the spa for details and inquiry about service.

If you feel uncomfortable with full nudity then in some spas offer disposable underwear too.

You can find the best table massage by searching for a table shower near me and get the best spa at your locality.

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