Essential Oils for Bruises

A bruise is also known as contusions. It appears on the skin like dark patches. It can be dark violet, yellow, brown, green, blue, and red in color. Use essential oils for bruises treatment.

Essential Oils for Bruises

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

The anti-inflammatory property of frankincense oil helps to reduce pain and the appearance of bruises. A study found the combo of turmeric and frankincense helps for bruise healing.

How to Use
  • Take a few drops of frankincense oil
  • Apply on the unbroken bruised areas
  • Do it twice a day

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2. Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum is also known as an everlasting flower. Aromatherapists suggest Helichrysum reduce bruises.

A study found that helichrysum has anti-hematomal quality and helps to treat bruise and reduce size.

How to Use
  • Apply diluted Helichrysum Oil unbroken skin immediately.
  • Reapply for pain relief.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is widely used for skin conditions. It can use post-injury and minimize the bruised appearance. One of the best Essential oils for bruises treatment.

A study found the in womon after delivery who experienced bruising around stitches, oil can reduce pain.

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4. Rosemary Oil

A study(1, 2) found it can use for bruises treatment. The antioxidant properties of rosemary reduce pain and enhance the healing process.

How to Use
  • Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil.
  • Apply on the bruise affect area.

Note: Never apply rosemary oil on the skin directly. It may irritate you.

5. Wormwood Oil

According to research, wormwood oil helps to heal wounds and reduce pain. This plant effective to relieve bruise pain.

How to Use
  • Before applying on the skin do a patch test.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil of 1 to 2 drops.
  • Apply on the sink to ruse bruise pain

6. Yarrow essential oil

A study found by using yarrow oil along with St. John’s wort helps the pain and appearance of a bruise. It also helps boost recovery.

How to Use
  • Dilute the essential with a carrier oil
  • Apply on the unbroken skin to reduce bruise.

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Other Home Remedies for Bruises

  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin K cream
  • Ice therapy
  • Heat
  • Compression
  • Arnica

Bottom Line

Use essential oils for bruises and relief from it. If you have severe pain, swelling or bruises appear is worsens then immediately takes an appointment of a doctor.


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