Benefits of Lavender Oil for Skin

Lavandula angustifolia, a most common name known as Lavender Plant. From the flowers of this plant, lavender is extracted. This is oils used from accidents time by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians for perfumes and bath(1). You have to know the amazing benefits of lavender oil for skin.

Use Lavender Oil for Sunburn

In the summer, by the hot sun, you can affect the swelling and burns. You can relieve by using lavender oil with coconut oil. Wash with cold water and apply oil at affected are to get rid of sunburn.  Drink plenty of water, tip for you.

Use Lavender oil with Bath

It has the stress relieving property which you can you in the bath. Add a few drops of Lavender oil in the bath relax your body. It will help to reduce inflammation, refresh your mind. And also helps to give relief from shoulder pain, neck pain.

Use to Prevent Wrinkles

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This as wonderful benefits for skin, one of them is to prevent wrinkles and fight with an aging sign. Lavender Oils has a good source of phytochemicals and antioxidants which helps to fight with radical which cause by pollution and sun. The Benefits of Lavender Oil for Skin are treating wrinkles, dark spot, and line on the face.

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Use to treat Eczema with Lavender Oil

If you are irritated with itching and the dry skin. Nature gave a good solution for that in the form of Lavender Oil. Add it in your daily life for body and skincare routine. Your skin needs more moisturized, Use it and get relief from Itchy skin.

Use Lavender Oil to Treat Acne

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This Oil has the Antiseptic property and anti-inflammation property which help to get rid of acne problems by fighting with bacteria, which cause acne on the skin(2).

Take cotton and dip in the few drops of oil and use on the acne affected area. According to the Study(3), most of the Aromatherapists use lavender oil to treat Acne problems

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Use to Treat Insect Bites

When an insect bites you may feel itchy and swelling on the skin. If you have lavender oil in hand you can instantly get relief from Insect bites(4). By applying the few drops of oil on the affected area you can feel a decrease of itching and get rid of Insect Bites. (5)(6)

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