The Best TV Units Gives Fabulous Look to Your Living Room

The modern living room is a place of maximum comfort and relaxation. This is not only provided by the couches and sofas but also the entertainment that is present in the room. However, although any stand can prop your TV, not all can maximize your experience. A TV unit in the room is part of the décor in the room. Some good ideas to achieve this experience include;

Glass Stands with Shelve

This is a simple glass stand that is curved on its sides for the legs. It comes with a shelve that can be used to store other TV accessories or even a simple external speaker. They also function easily as a laptop table. The magic of the unit is its transparent appearance, which leaves more attention to the TV and the surrounding decor with little obstruction. This makes it versatile, and it can fit with different types of décor with minimal effort.

Floating TV Stands

A floating TV Stand is anchored to the wall directly at a distance from the floor.  This leaves the TV floating in the air supported by the floating stand. Different designs alternate with the TV on top of the stand, and in others, the TV is anchored to the wall just above the stand. The appearance of the stand is maximized by adding LED lights inside the stand, leaving an electronic glow that brightens up the TV unit.

Fireplace Stands

These TV units provide either a modern look in your living room. The central groove is made of electric fire with the top functioning as the TV stand and side compartments for different accessories.An electric fire gives a wide array of options to choose from in terms of color and appearance of the flames. The flames are easily simulated and can be timed to appear when the TV is on or at certain times.

Vanderbilt TV Stands

These TV units are ideal for those longing for a complete blended wooden finish in their home décor. They are sleek wooden panels with a modular compartment below the TV stand. However, the panel is pinned on the wall, and the TV is pinned on the panel adding to the style of this unit.

Tivu TV Stands

Elegant and simple, Tivu TV stands to spell the letters T and V with the top of the T being the TV stand and the grooves of the V being the compartments that hold different accessories. They are ideal for small spaces where they bring about an electronic theme of the room. You can find these TV Units online decorated with inbuilt LEDs giving an electronic glow around the TV.

Domino TV Stands

This is one of the most forward TV Units out there. It consists of floor to ceiling steel rods anchored firmly on each end. The cubicle compartments on the outer rods are arranged on top of each other in a domino fashion. The TV is fastened to a rod of itself, resulting in a functional yet amazing arrangement of your TV unit.

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