How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

It’s my favorite hair article where we are exploring the use of 8 flat irons very to shape up voluminous hair into sexy hair that you can wear so with extreme attraction on any occasion. Read how to curl hair with a straightener

We can wear this hair and it looks good on mostly personalities so I find it easier to curl my hair with a flat iron than a curling iron because it takes minimum time to make my hair curly. I already have to kind of hold it and wait so once you get the hang of this using the flat iron you will save you a lot of time.

How to Start Curl Hair with a Straightener

I like to do is brush my hair so that it makes it easier when you’re separating the sections of your hair and I like to divide it in half. It doesn’t need to be perfect but just divide it in half so I have two sections. Firstly one section from them and do the other side afterward. So, firstly start from the left side. It depends on you how much hair you will manage in one section.

The small amount of hair will form a UV like curls; contrarily bigger hair sections will build bigger curls. So, you should divide them into a medium-size part that would be easily manageable and perfectly make curling of reasonable size.

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If you want your hair more sexy, luminous, and glamorous then you can divide your hair into sections again you can do the bottom and then you do the top. But if it’s just like a routine hair loose curls you can just do it in one section.

As I have it now I’m gonna do it in two sections it will be more full so what I like to do is divide again just like the direction of my eyebrows, I take it here and I’m gonna tie the upper part of my hair now with a hair tie just tie it here and we’ll do the bottom first section of the hair straightener that I’m using is from Amica.

I got this out of like a stand at the mall and it’s very good I have this for like three years now it wonderfully works so first section of the hair you’re gonna put the flat iron very close to the root because once you get started and turned the flat iron It will go down more so you can be closer. So, what you will do is turn the hair to the back, twist it to the back and then actually twist the flat iron until you see the section of your hair going down like downwards. When you pull it down it’s easy it just goes by itself it could be very tricky in the beginning until you get used to it but it’s very easy in the curl comes out perfectly so as you can see the curl is more at the end of the hair and that’s how it’s gonna be a very natural curled hair.

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There you didn’t need so much time while so flat iron throws the hair back twist the flat iron and goes down very important for the hair. The lock of the hair has to be facing the front so when you pull it down it doesn’t lock to you well I tell you guys when I first started doing this I couldn’t get it right until I had practiced and today very easily I do this hair maneuvering with less than 5 minutes in the same thing again.

After finishing one side, move to the next, on this site I put some hairspray on it just to keep on a hold little bit until we finish. You need to start taking sections again in the same way with it on the other side so going straight throw your hair back twists the flat iron until you see the lock of hair and go down.

Useful trick:

If you go slowly and firmly it will furnish better curling and novel styling. Contrarily, if you go on a rush like attempting very fast to make curve will be like very loose or almost not a curl at all.

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Get it with patience

Being dawdling and twisting deliberately is very helpful to curl. Just made it moderately and ongoing fast you will see the difference. A lot of people just go fast in terms of curling process but it is only good when you want very natural hair curl because I don’t really like my hair very straight so I just do it the curls like very fast like this it still curls but you can see it’s not as curled as the ones which one was made slowly.

I like to throw them in the back twisted and go down and the flat iron must get perfectly hot before using it. I know it’s not good for your hair; in this case, you can apply a heat protectant before employing it. But it works amazingly best when it’s very hot so finish this part and moving on to the top of the hair.

Now we’re gonna take the last section of the hair which is the upper section and do the same thing; divide both sides into half; I’m gonna brush it again and you start taking your sections and just be careful to not leave like the straight parts behind just make sure you’re curling everything. So, repeat the same process, throw the hair back twists the flat iron all the way and go down.

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if you want to learn Portuguese today I’m gonna teach you how to say flat iron in Portuguese in case you’re in Brazil someday and you forgot your flat iron and home you need to go and buy it you can go and ask for a black cap. But I’ve seen you okay say it again black but I’m machine yeah I want to hear you say it is a very easy going process so you can see that the hair is getting fuller but in the end, we’re going to throw hairspray. We’re teasing the twist a little bit and it’s gonna be very full and out of the bangs.

I don’t really like my bangs to be like very curled. I did my hair so what I do is that trick that I showed you curling by going moderately. Same deal again throws the hair back twist it with a flat iron but you’re going to go faster so it’s not very curled so you see you have a nice full bang. Just finish the right side and we’ll move on, so the hair is pretty much done I’m just going to tease it a little bit now I like to spine it when I want more volume of course but for every day I don’t do this with a brush.

Take a big section of hair and twist it so just going inwards another section if you want it then stay with this look but adding more application of hairs for pretty and better shaping.

Trick to obtain best, To make your hair very filled and beautiful you’re going to throw your hair to the front and throw it back again and you are ready, now shake your hair by running your fingers into your hair and simply loose curls up to a natural look.

That all you need to make a luminous and fine curly hairstyle. Initially, it might be tricky and time taking but repeating it regularly will enhance your speed and perfection. As I share my observation I can handle the whole process within five odd minutes. Let’s start it by today and share your experience as well.

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