How to Texturize Natural Hair

It is becoming common knowledge that you can cure dry, damaged, and lifeless looking hair with the right products, as well as a variety of solutions. One product that has been proven to work is the Paul Mitchell Spray Wax.

If you are not using the product you should be. Many believe that a spray on treatment is far better than using a lotion or serum. This is true, but it is still far better than just taking your hair from one season to the next.

Take your hair from one season to the next. Let it dry out and crackle around. When you see that it has dried out and has begun to crack and split, then you know you have applied the wrong treatment.

Taking your hair from one season to the next is just like applying a protein treatment and then exposing it to freezing temperatures and UV rays. That will do more damage than anything else you could do.

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How to Texturize Hair?

The best way to prevent dry, brittle, and lifeless looking hair is to apply a spray-on solution or injectable treatment. This way, when you use the products on your hair, it will protect it from drying out, cracking, and even splitting.

What Paul Mitchell Spray Wax does be actually working in two ways. It works by keeping the conditioner from getting sucked into the pores in your hair. Since your hair does not have any kind of tight weave like your hair does, the conditioner tends to push up through the weave.

When this happens, it causes the hair to become dry and brittle. The same process that happens when you take your hair from one season to the next, actually happenswhen you use a conditioner.

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How did it work?

After applying the spray wax to your hair, it begins to suck moisture out of the pores in your hair. In order for this to happen, the moisture content has to go down because the conditioner does not have any kind of handle on the weave.

This means that the heat and/or the pores in your hair, the one that is being protected, will be sealed shut. Because it has such a tight weave, it will retain the moisture content as the conditioner has no place to go. This is how you will end up with very dry, brittle, and lifeless looking hair.

So what do you do when you notice that your hair is beginning to crack and your hair is beginning to split or is starting to fray? If you are suffering from the same problems, then you need to turn to the Paul Mitchell Spray Wax and the Paul Mitchell conditioner.

Take Away

The Paul Mitchell Spray Wax works with the Paul Mitchell conditioner. When you use the Paul Mitchell conditioner, it forms a seal between the two and it gives you a smooth and shiny look. The spray on solution does the same thing with your hair and prevents it from drying out and fracturing.

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