Banish Bloating By Consuming These Foods

Bloating is an issue that is faced by many people. Studies have shown that almost 20 – 30% of people report that they suffer from daily bloating. It is a common problem. Bloating is a feeling that your stomach is swollen. In some cases, it can cause pain while in some cases it can cause gastric issues. There are several factors that can contribute to bloating. Let see how foods to reduce bloating!

People who consume too much food often suffer from bloating. Overeating is a major culprit in making your body bloated. There are several other reasons that can lead to bloating such as consuming foods that can give you gas.

Foods like a legume, lentils, and beans can cause gas. There are several foods that can control bloating as well. Foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties are vital in controlling bloating. For example, foods like bone broth powder help in reducing the inflammation of your body.

Similarly, some people are lactose intolerant. Lactose is the main carbohydrate of milk. So drinking milk can upset your stomach or even aid in making you bloat. Alcohol and excessive sugar intake can also aid in bloating.

Apart from all these foods, there is one more thing that can cause bloating, and that is swallowing air while eating. Drinking soda beverages contain air bubbles that are then released in your stomach.

Due to this, you will feel the discomfort and stiffness in your stomach area. One thing that I always tell my students is that every problem has solutions and this one has too.

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Foods to Reduce Bloating Quickly

There are several foods that can help you in dealing with this bloating issue. People who consume too much food often have to deal with this issue.

While in some cases it can also turn into a severe chronic issue. So its better to take precautions and stay away from such issues. The following are some of the foods that help with bloating.


Drinking lemon water daily can help in reducing the bloat of your stomach. Although there is one thing that you should keep in mind is that excessive use of lemon can damage your kidneys.

So always use it small quantities. Lemon water helps by removing sodium from your body. This allows your body to settle down and it also flattens your stomach.

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Ginger has been a famous herb for ages and it is famous due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Similarly, in this case, ginger helps in reducing the inflammation of your body and also helps in improving your bowel movements. This helps in reducing the bloating.

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A great source of healthy fibers that help in improving your digestive tract. Bananas contain potassium that can also help in reducing the water retention of your body. Bloating and water retention is often considered the same. Although they are different, both will make you feel bloated.


Although rice is a carb, the reason why it is good in bloating is that it will take a longer time to digest. Due to this reason, it will make you feel fuller throughout the day. Like I mentioned before that bloating can be caused by overeating, so if you consume brown rice then it will help you in controlling that issue.

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There are some vegetables that might make you bloat,  but you can’t this for all other vegetables. There are several other veggies that will help you in getting rid of bloating and also reducing the water retention. Vegetables like kale and spinach are a good source of healthy fibers that can improve your digestion and health.

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Again the reason why oatmeal is in this list is that it is rich in healthy fibers. These fibers help in better digestion and can also reduce the bloating of your stomach. Consuming oatmeal daily in your breakfast will help in improving your digestive and gut health.

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There are several other foods that can help you in getting rid of bloating. Apart from all these foods consuming beef bone broth can also help you in reducing water retention. The protein and amino acids in bone broth help in making your gut healthy.

There are some other things that you should adapt too. The most important thing is exercise, after time sleeping, and then eating on time. If you can do these things then there is no way you will feel bloated. So, instead of waiting and thinking start making changes in your daily life and consume the healthy foods that I have mentioned.

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