Foods for Constipation Relief

According to the study(1), Constipation is a common problem in North America. The symptoms are different from person to person like hard stool, incomplete evacuation,  not able to pass stool, and blocked feeling. Other symptoms are gas, bloating. Find Out! Foods for Constipation.

Foods for Constipation Which Help to Relieve

1. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes

The skin baked potato contains 3.5 to 4.0  grams of fiber which helps relief from constipation. The simple skin potato has big benefits for a constipated person.

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2. Apples


Apple is one of the rich fibre fruit. One apple with the skin of 180 to 185 grams contains 4.3 to 4.5 grams of fibre. It helps to soften the stool and it is the best fruit which helps to the fibre content. Take apple in direct, in juice or in another way to get relief from constipation.

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3. Beans


In a cup of beans contains fibre up to 10 grams. It contains enough amount of insoluble and soluble fibre which helps to smooth move in the intestine and helps to get relief form constipation.

  • black-eyed peas,
  • baked beans
  • lima beans,
  • garbanzo beans,
  • kidney beans.
  • Pinto beans

Take in food or salad the other way.

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4. Green Leafy Vegetables


The green leafy has not only for a good amount of fibre it also has enough amount of Vitamins like C, K. It gives weight to the stool which helps to easy to pass out. Try this one of the Best Foods for Constipation.

Some leafy with fibre below

Broccoli (150 grams)3.6 grams
Spinach(cup of cooked)4.3 grams
Brussels(100 grams)3.8 grams

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5. Nuts and Seeds


Nuts are the good source to the fibre which helps to give relief from Constipation

almonds(25 nuts)3.5 grams
pecans(19 halves)2.7 grams
walnuts (17 halves)1.9 grams

Seeds also a good choice for constipation relief

sesame seeds(tablespoon)1.1 grams
pumpkin seeds(85 seeds)5 grams
Sprinkle seeds (tiny pack)10 grams

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